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Written astrological birth chart reading by Deidre Dreams

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Your Astrology natal chart can help you understand and accept yourself and figure out what your talents, wishes and shadow sides are. Your natal chart is a snapshot of the heavens and position of all the planets and heavenly bodies at the exact moment you were born.
You are so much more than just your Sun sign, and an understanding of your birth chart can help you see how you best deal with all kinds of different situations with your specific character traits.
With this written reading I dig through all the goodies to see who you are according to your chart, or you can ask to focus on specific questions. These questions can be things like what are your soul purpose, how do you best deal with change, what are karmic wounds for you?
Have you always wanted to know what your Venus or your Mars say about you? Or what your soul wants when it comes to your career?
Are you also interested in how you can deepen your spiritual or creative or self-care path according to your astrological make up?
These are all questions that I can focus on with this reading.
The lovely thing about this written reading, is that you can always keep going back to it. During our walk through life, it's very normal to have periods where we focus on one aspect of of our life and in the next period, we focus on an entirely different aspect. With this reading, you will always be able to go back to some advice or inspiration pertaining to different aspects of yourself.
In this blog post I talk a bit more about how I approach Astrology.

After check out, it takes me about 3 to 4 weeks to complete your reading for you, which I will then email to you. If you have any questions about specific pieces of it, you can always email me.
I always look at whether a certain set of Goddess Asteroids make any juicy aspects to your Sun, Moon, Rising or planets.

With check out, let me know your birth date, place of birth and exact time of birth, and any specific questions you may wish me to focus on. Exact time of birth is usually on your birth certificate, it’s best to use this, because parents often don’t remember the exact time of your birth