Witch at Spinning Wheel Original Polymer Clay Shadow Box

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This witch shadow box is called


This little witch loves spinning yarn.
It relaxes her and helps her with her spells.
All her yarns are infused with her magic,
her good intentions
and her blessings.

This is a hand sculpted polymer clay painting.
It has a grass emerald green background.
On this was hand sculpted a depiction of a witch spinning at a spinning wheel.
The witch sits on a chocolate brown wooden chair that is adorned with little flowers, berries and leaves and she wears a red gown adorned with black wool trim at the hems of the skirt and sleeves. Over this gown, she wears a crocheted burgundy red shawl trimmed with green bobbles, and an orange apron that has a repaired purple patch on, is decorated with green leafy vines and tiny blue flowers around the hem and it has a pointy yellow pouch attached to it at the hip. She has a black pointy witches' hat with a band with a flower on it. She has curly purple hair and dark skin. She also wears pointy toed black shoes.
The witch is spinning at a large golden brown spinning wheel. The wheel is intricately carved and decorated with flowers, and leaves in brown and gold. She is spinning a golden thread.
A little black kitten is standing on a pumpkin against the spinning wheel, trying to get at the balls of yarn that are lying on the lowest board of the spinning wheel.
The floor beneath is covered in potion bottles, ointment pots, herb boxes, candles, a pumpkin, apples, flowers and balls of yarn.
On the left hand a tree sappling vine stretches upward, its branches covered in all kinds of necessities for a witches' home: a little blue and orange owl sits in one of its branches, another black kitten is sleeping in the nook of a branch, several candles glow around the tree, feathers, herbs, flowers and bushes of lavender hang from branches and there are some little bats hanging upside down in them as well.
The tree has little petals and flowers growing in it too.
The whole scene is dusted with night blue, golden, iridescent white, green, red, purple, and bronze glitter shimmer to give it a magical glow.

The sculpted painting is around 15 cm high and 10 cm wide and set in a baroque style black frame, which is about 21 cm high and 16 cm wide. The frame can both be hung on the wall and set upon a dresser.

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