Witch Ornament - Witches Dance Original Polymer Clay Art Pendant

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This cheerful witch ornament pendant is called

"Witches' Dance'"

This is Trixie and Tina and they go dance in the toadstool fairy ring in the woods whenever they feel like it. It's their favourite thing to do!

This pendant was hand sculpted from polymer clay, without any molds and depicts a scene of two witches dancing barefoot around a fire in a clearing in the woods, surrounded by a toadstool fairy ring. The right witch is a dark skinned girl, wearing a purple flowy skirt with white polka dots, a red blouse with a ruffled hem and ruffled trim at the sleeves, a dark royal blue cape with a black patch sewn on, and a black pointy witch's hat with an orange flower sewn on its purple band. She has bright green, wavy hair. She is holding hands with the left witch, who is a light skinned girl. She wears a dark royal blue dress, with red wool trim at the hem and the sleeve ends and white and red flower embroidery on the skirt. She has a white sash around her waist that closes with a red button. Her cape is black with red patch sewn on it in white thread, a red pointy witch's hat with a black feather on its purple band and she has purple, wavy hair.
Around the bottom and sides of the cameo sit little dotted toadstools in white with red, orange, pink and yellow. The toadstools are surrounded with little clusters of leaves in orange, yellow, pink, blue and purple. Curly blue and pink vines creep over the ground and branches with some colourful leaves still clinging to them, hang overhead. From the fire between the two witches crackle little magical sparks up into the sky, in red and gold.
All of this was sculpted on a sparkly emerald green cameo.
The scene was dusted with golden, purple, blue, red and green shimmer to give a magical glow, and was built on an orange yellow, hand patina-ed round frame.

The pendant is 8 cm in diameter and the cameo is about 1 cm thick. The pendant comes on a royal purple ribbon.
!! Please be careful with the protruding parts, like the dresses, capes and hair strands.

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