Winter Goddess Riding Polar Bear Polymer Clay Shadow Box

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This beautiful pagan Winter shadow box is called

"The Goddess of Winter"

While she rides under the dancing night skies,
she spreads Winter,
easing the land gently to sleep,
to give the world to the night,
who will reign until the land is ready
to wake up again.

This is an original one of a kind hand sculpted polymer clay painting.
It has a very special, carefully made background made to look like the dancing Aurora Borealis in a starry night sky over a wintry landscape.
On this was hand sculpted a depiction of a Winter Goddess riding a polar bear through the snow.
She wears a gorgeous translucent ice blue skirt embellished with white stars and snow flakes and white wool trim, a dark blue blouse with white dots and also white wool trim, a long velvet powder blue cape with white wool edging and silvery swirly patterns embellishments, powder blue pointy shoes with white wool trim and pompoms and a white crown with a wool band and icicles. Her skin is translucent blue.
The scene was dusted with iridescent white, silver, blue, green and purple shimmer to give a starry night magical glow.

The clay wall hanging is around 14 cm high and 9 cm wide and set in a black ornate frame. The frame is about 19.5 cm high and 14.5 cm wide. The frame can both be hung on the wall and set upon a dresser.