Winter Fairy Large Polymer Clay Art Earrings

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These magical fairy earrings are called

"Frost Faeries"

These are faery twin sisters who bring Winter.
They conjure icy and snowy winds to cover the land in magical diamond snow.

These earrings were hand sculpted from polymer clay without any molds. They depict on each, a scene of a little frost faerie conjuring magical snow and icy winds.
They have white wings that hang down from their shoulders, and are covered in ice flowers, ice crystals and blue ice, and they also have icy white antennae sprouting from them.
They have shiny light blue hair, and on it they wear white ice flower crowns. From between their hair their pointy ears peak out. They have translucent light blue skin.
They wear a translucent periwinkle blue dress with white wool trim, and the dresses are adorned with white snowflake flowers and the faeries have pointy curly toes.
From their hands a large sparkly snowflake is being conjured that releases its icy energy in coils of wind and tiny snow flurries.

This is all built on a hand sculpted dark ice blue cameo lavishly flecked through with white.
The scene was dusted with midnight blue, antique silver, and iridiscent white shimmer to give the scene a moon drenched and icy sparkled look.
The earrings were built on white hand patina-ed, ornate pear shaped filigrees.

The earrings are about 6,5 cm long from the ear wires down, 5 cm wide and the cameos are about 1 cm thick. The earrings are not heavy at all.
The ear wires are surgical steel.
!! Please be careful with the little protruding hair curls.