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Virtual astrology reading

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Your Astrology natal chart can help you understand and accept yourself and figure out what your talents, wishes and shadow sides are. Your natal chart is a snapshot of the heavens and position of all the planets and heavenly bodies at the exact moment you were born.
You are so much more than just your Sun sign, and an understanding of your birth chart can help you see how you best deal with all kinds of different situations with your specific character traits.
You can come to me for a general reading where I can help you see who you are according to your chart, or you can come to me with specific questions. These questions can be things like what are your soul purpose, how do you best deal with change, what are karmic wounds for you?
Have you always wanted to know what your Venus or your Mars say about you? Or what your soul wants when it comes to your career?
Are you also interested in how you can deepen your spiritual or creative or self-care path according to your astrological make up?
Then come see me (virtually) and we will talk the cosmic talk so you can walk your cosmic walk.
In this blog post I talk a bit more about how I approach Astrology.

I always need some time to prepare for our session, because I want to make sure that I have some good nuanced yumminess for you. One of those things for instance is that I always look at whether a certain set of Goddess Asteroids make any juicy aspects to your Sun, Moon, Rising or planets.
I always type out some notes in preparation for your reading because I’m not just a talking thinker but also a writing thinker, so I always have some written notes that you can go back to afterwards. Because I find that in the moment of a consultation there are always things that jump to the surface, and they’re usually the things that resonate with us right now because we’re ready for them. But later other aspects of the reading might bubble up. Information like this is often best taken in in layers, so you will very probably resonate with some parts during the reading, like your Sun or your Mars, or a specific aspect, but later when that is integrated for you, you might go back and notice that your Jupiter is now much more of a factor in your life, or your Moon or Venus.
Of course you’re always welcome to come back for several sessions, because you might run into new things and want to see how your chart can help you with certain situations that are going on in your life.

This listing is for a reading with me via Zoom. After check out, contact me to book a date and time that works for us both. Let me know if there are specific areas or questions you’d like me to look at.
With check out, I need your birth date, place of birth and exact time of birth, and any specific questions you'd like me to focus on. Exact time of birth is usually on your birth certificate, it’s best to use this, because parents often don’t remember the exact time of your birth, they were busy with more important things ;-)