Thank You Original Sculpted Embroidery Doodle Shadow Box

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This shadow box sculpted painting is called

"Thank You"

This is meant as a thank you to all of you, all of you who have bought my art over the years, all of you who come and say hi and tell me you love my work and encourage me to live off my art. I love you all!
It's also meant of course for those who'd like to say Thank you to someone in the form of some Deidre Dreams art.

This is a hand sculpted polymer clay embroidery painting. It has a turquoise blue background. On this was hand sculpted a depiction of a small wood nymph coming into a royal blue frame, blowing kisses in the form of little red hearts and flowers that flutter up to the words Thank You, intricately decorated with flowers with rhinestone hearts in the corners of the frame. The flowers are all hand sculpted in the clay embroidery or polymer appliqued technique.
The flowers are purple, blue, periwinkle, yellow, red, white and pink. All flowers have coloured rhinestone hearts. From the flowers, green leaves, vines and petals flow toward the center.
The wood nymph has dark skin, purple hair, light blue flowers and green leaves in her hair and she wears a pink dress with white petal trimming.
The whole is very lightly dusted with golden shimmer to give a magic kissed look.

The sculpted painting is around 9 cm high and 14 cm wide and set in an ornamental cream white frame, which is about 14.5 cm high and 18.5 cm wide. The frame can both be hung on the wall and set upon a dresser.