Snowman Christmas Greeting Card

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Snow Day!

This is for all snow lovers, for all who don't care that it's not practical, that it's not handy for traffic and not liked much in the grown up world.
Because snow is magical.
There's nothing quite like snow.
The way it looks when it drifts down to the world.
The way it falls so softly and silently like a million little magic spells.
The way it glitters.
The way it makes the world look magical and makes it so easy to believe in fairy tales.
The way it can be made into snowmen.
The way it crunches under your feet.
The way it's the best when you're the first to step on it.
The way it turns the fields into exciting rollercoasters when you go sledding.
There really is nothing quite like snow.

This greeting card is a high quality, professional print of one of my hand sculpted polymer clay paintings.

The card measures 10x15cm and comes with a plain white envelope. The card is left blank for writing in your own message.
This listing is for one printed card, as can be seen in the second photo.
Watermark will not be on the card.

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The original sculpted painting this card was based on, can be found here: