Save the Bees Illustration - Sculpted Painting - Original Art

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This colourful nature inspired sculpted painting is called

"Save the Bees!"

We need our bees to keep our ecosystems going.
Support your local beekeepers,
but also, plant flowers wherever you can so that
the wild bees have food and do their job
of pollinating, so that nature can thrive.
We only have this one earth,
let's please take care of it <3

This is an original one of a kind hand sculpted polymer clay shadow box.

It has a carefully handmade light sky blue background. On this was hand sculpted a depiction of a child sitting among the bees, wearing a bee costume, a little bee landing on the little hand. The child and the bees are surrounded by flowers and a tree. There are hollyhocks and lupines on the ground.
In the illustration the text Save the Bees was sculpted on which sit little bees and flowers.
The tree is covered in vines growing up and over it, from which flowers bloom. There is a beehive in a nook in the branches and there are some butterflies also fluttering through the scene.
The scene was dusted with iridescent white, gold, blue, pink green and red shimmer to give a magical glow.

The clay painting hanging is around 14 cm high and 9 cm wide and set in a silver coloured ornate frame. The frame is about 19 cm high and 14 cm wide.

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