Large Polymer Clay Mermaid Art Earrings

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This intricate hand sculpted set of art earrings is called
"Guardians of the Reef"

The reef is a delicate realm, it holds many of the ocean's treasures.
These twin sisters spend their time putting water magic spells on it to protect it for future generations.

These are big and bold earrings! They are not heavy on the earlobes, though.
They were completely hand sculpted with polymer clay with lots of small, delicate details in clay embroidery, no molds were used.

They each depict a mermaid swimming up to the ocean surface with their arms outstretched behind them while swimming. They have long, slender, swishy, fuchsia pink tails with swirly purple and soft pink tail fins. Along the back of the tail grows another purple back fin. Their tails are covered in tribal markings, scales and pearls in pink, yellow, teal, royal blue, purple, eggshell blue and bright green. Their skin is translucent blue and they have tattoes on their arms and waist. They wear purple shell bikinis with a white and pink fringe, decorated with a white pearl. They have sky blue hair in which they wear a pink water flower and white pearls. They are surrounded by tropical flowers, weeds and coral in yellow, dark red, soft pink, teal, purple, and seafoam blue. Around them twinkle rhinestone gems that are hidden in the reefs they live in.

All this is built on white sparkly background dusted with colours of sky blue, teal, pink, gold and purple.
The cameo was built on beautiful ornate hand patinaed green brass filigrees. The scene is dusted with little amounts of golden, green, sky blue, purple, red and iridescent white shimmer to give it a water shimmer glow.

The earrings are nicely swingy and are 8 cm long and 3.5 cm wide and at the point  where the mermaid's tail juts out most, it's a little over 0.5 cm thick. Please be careful with small children, this is not made for playing with. While wearing, or feeling the earrings, keep in mind that this is made with polymer clay, so while being strong and flexible, it is not unbreakable, especially in sections with small vines and swirls, like her hair and tail fins.

The last picture shows how large these earrings are when wearing them. The ear wires are surgical steel.

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A greeting card design was based on these art earrings, which can be found here: