Blue Crochet Cloche Hat

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This blue crochet cloche hat is called

"Cosmic Love"

in honour of the beautiful song by Florence & The Machine that I so loved listening to when creating this hat.

This crochet cap was hand crocheted without a pattern from hand dyed hand spun yarn in shades of deep night blue and royal blue. The yarn is wrapped in gold thread.The yarn is a very soft merino wool, no scratchiness! I love working with handspun yarn, the colours and textures are like nothing else! And so vibrant!It's also much more eco-friendly since no machinery is used to produce it.And I love that I can support other artisans with my work, too.Hats made with hand spun yarn are also much warmer than hats made with factory spun yarns, because the yarn is much airier and fluffier.

The rim of the hat is threaded through with wire so that it stands firm and keeps its shape. You can shape it the way you like it.It has a flower center piece to the right side of the hat, consisting of the bow in which the dark red velvet ribbon rimming the hat, ends, a black velvet glittered milinery flower and a clay flower ornament.The night blue clay cabochon is sculpted on a gold coloured, star shaped filigree and is adorned with a dark red flower with a rainbow AB rhinestone heart. From the flower sprout golden leaves.

All this is hand sewn on.

The hat is about 58 cm around the head, 19 cm high and stretchy. The brim stands out to 78 cm aroundThe flower ornament is about 4 cm in diameter and very light weight.

The yarn comes from the awesome Suzy from Wool Wench: