Red Crochet Flapper Skullcap Feather Headdress with Polymer Clay Ornament



This bold and vibrant red crochet hat or headdress is called

"Dance through the Night"

Drums, violins, guitars, stomping feet, skirts twirling, children laughing, grab a tambourine and dance through the night!

This burlesque headdress is perfect for a beautiful costume at a festival or a belly dance performance. You can also wear it to compliment your Flapper New Year's outfit!

It is a hand crocheted skullcap, crocheted without a pattern, from a vibrant red wool yarn, that gradates lightly from deep fiery red, to sunset wine red. It has a scalloped, crocheted edging.

It is adorned with a dramatic head piece, consisting of cruelty free black and red rooster feathers and a red and a black peacock feather, black and silk millinery flowers and a hand sculpted art deco inspired polymer clay center piece.

The centerpiece was built on a large diamond shaped antiqued brass filigree, and has a black base which is adorned as if embroidered with a red art deco flower, petals and vines. It has a black rhinestone heart.

The cap is circled with a black lace (stretchy) ribbon, on which black faceted Bohemian glass beads were sewn.

All of this was sewn on by hand.

The cap is about 49 cm in diameter and a little stretchy.

It can be worn on top of the head as in the pictures, but also a little to the back of the head, in which case it's a good idea to secure it with some bobby pins, especially if you're dancing.

The head piece is about 16 cm high and about 24 cm wide.