Pink Boho Art Yarn Necklace with Large Polymer Clay Flower Pendant

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This gorgeous statement necklace is called

"Boho Dreams"

I made this art yarn necklace with one of my favourite art yarns that I lovingly handspun myself from a gorgeous hand dyed art batt containing lots of yummy colours, like lilac, pink, blush, peach, soft buttery yellow and white, and fibers, like merino, mohair, various types of shiny silk, and bayardine. I corespun this yarn and combined the art batt with beautiful green Blue Faced Leicester locks in intervals and then I plyed it with shiny green thread.
It is super soft.

I sewed six strands together in loops at the end and attached a funky vintage glass button that used to belong to my gran's fancy coat when she was younger, for the closure.

From the necklace hangs a gorgeous polymer clay flower pendant I hand sculpted. The pendant has a softly shimmering golden dusty rose diamond shaped base. It was sculpted on a brass filigree. On it sits a bouquet of tiny flowers with AB rhinestone hearts. There are several different colours in the bouquet, like delicate powder blue, orange, blush, blue, plum purple and teal.

The necklace is 46 cm long around the neck.