Pearl Bubble Necklace - Multi Strand Statement Necklace - Handspun Art Yarn Necklace

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This gorgeous pearl coloured art yarn multi strand statement necklace is called

"Mother of Pearl"

This eyecatching and unique bohemian bubble necklace was made from an art yarn that I handspun myself and it is super comfortable to wear.
I handspun this yarn thick and thin using the coreless corespinning technique. It was spun from a gorgeously shiny art batt containing a strand of sequins that I then coiled with shiny sky blue satin yarn, creating beautiful airy bubbles throughout the yarn.
It contains lots of gorgeous fibers, such as faux Angora, Tencel, Merino, Firestar, Wensleydale, Corridale, soya silk, faux cashmere silk and mohair. The shine on this yarn is super lushious and it is incredibly soft!
This luxurious fiber necklace is gathered together in a continuous circle and the strands of yarn hang down like a waterfall with every circle interwining and at different lengths. The smallest circle is big enough to pull over your head and the yarn is gathered at the back and sewn so that it is securely closed.

The yarn is super squishy and soft.
The necklace hangs down about 30 cm.

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I have to thank the talented Louise from Spin City for the gorgeous art batt I spun this from: