PDF Owl embroidery pattern

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This listing is for an instant download PDF embroidery pattern, that will become available after check out, it is not for a physical product.

This pattern is based on my Athena's Familiar owl polymer clay illustration. (You can find the original and the greeting card (only for NL residents) and the instant download print here on my site as well).

This pattern is a bit more challenging to embroider, so it is not the most practical embroidery if you are a complete beginner and this is your absolute first attempt at embroidering. It would be best to do this if you have learned lazy daisy/detached chain stitch, fishbone stitch and French knots. This pattern also requires that you keep track of alternating colours in the smaller and larger feathers. You should also be comfortable with adjusting to your own judgement if your stitches have covered a part that you still need to embroider over or if a part of the pattern has become less visible due to you having stitched a substantial part of it already.

It fits into a 15 cm/6 inch embroidery hoop
as seen in the embroidery in the photos. You can scale up or down to fit your needs.

This can be used for your own crafty delight but would also make a great gift for a friend.

You will receive for download a PDF file that contains
- The pattern to print
- A guide to the materials to use for this embroidery including the floss colours used in the embroidery seen here
- Full instructions on how to stitch each stage of this pattern with photos
- A stitch guide on my most used stitches with written instructions alongside graphs on how to work these stitches
- A guide on how to trace your pattern to your fabric
- All these instructions come in an English language file and a Dutch language file.

This is a PDF download only, so you will need to source your own fabric, embroidery floss, needle, embroidery hoop, and either dressmaker's carbon paper or a tracing pen that can be washed out.
This can all be found quite easily online. For Dutch customers, send me a message if you need tips on where to find these.
Please also make sure that you have a PDF reader (e.g. Adobe Acrobat), and access to a printer.

Send me a message if you have any questions or need any help.

- This pattern is copyrighted to Deidre Dreams and for personal use only. You may not sell items made from this design, or reproduce/share the pattern.
- You may print as many copies as you want after your purchase, for personal use or to give as a gift.
- The files may not be shared (by email, file sharing websites, or any other means) or given away. The file is meant for use by the purchaser only.
Please be kind and considerate of this.
- Purchased files may not be resold in digital or physical form.
- Purchased files may not, under any circumstances, be used or altered to create products meant for digital or physical sale.
- Purchased files may not be used in any website, blog, logo, banner, etc.
- The full resolution file may not be uploaded to any blog or website.

- Purchased files cannot be refunded.