Pastel Rainbow Hippie Feather Headband - Ibiza Style Festival Haarband

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This beautiful pastel hippie feather headband is called

"Summer Lovin' "

This is for all the girls who just want to dance through life, can't sit still every time they hear a song they love.
For everyone who can't wait to see what the world has to offer, and doesn't rest until all colours are seen.
For those that love the freedom of Summer above all else.

This beautiful ocean colours headband was hand crocheted from hand dyed and hand spun merino yarn. It's light and airy and won't scratch or warm you too much when wearing it at a sunny festival.

It is adorned with cruelty free, colourful feathers and a silk millinery flower. There are turquoise, teal and baby blue rooster feathers, plum purple rooster feathers, a grass green one and yellow spotted guinea hen feathers. The flower is plum purple.

On this is sewn a hand sculpted polymer clay ornament, sculpted on a brass filigree. The ornament has a light turquoise base and is topped with a small plum flower, a long swirly, green vine, from which little green, yellow, teal and plum purple petals sprout. From the little flower sprout some more colourful petals.

The headband is strewn with faceted Bohemian glass beads. There are aubergine purple, soft baby blue, aqua blue, emerald green and amber yellow ones.

Everything was sewn on by hand.

The headband ties at the back with a sky blue velvet ribbon. This will make it fit any head. The band is about 55 cm around and 3 cm high. The feather and flower head piece with filigree and clay ornament is 17 cm long and 14 cm high.

I love working with handspun yarn, the colours and textures are like nothing else! It's also much more eco-friendly since no machinery is used to produce it. And I love that I can support other artisans with my work, too.
The yarn with which the head band was crocheted was hand dyed and hand spun by awesome Suzy from WoolWench: