Pastel Pink and Blue Crochet Scarf - Long Crochet Pixie Scarf - Handspun Art Yarn Scarf



This beautifully wild super long pixie art yarn skinny scarf is called


This gorgeous and easily wearable boho fringe scarf is made from a beautiful handspun chunky art yarn that is very soft and cuddly and is the perfect festival or every day wear for a pixie. It has beautiful shades of colour one can find in the sky at dusk over the sea. Lots of pastel pinks, lilacs, purples, lavender, sky blue, a bit of egg shell green here and there, some sunshine yellow and some magenta as well. Silver Angelina gives sparkle to lushious fibers of merino, kid mohair, silk and BFL locks.
I crocheted one very open chain of stitches and at the ends I created long tassels with more handspun yarn of mohair locks, silk and Merino and sparkles. At the top of the tassels sit hand crocheted wool flowers topped with a silk millinery flower and a gorgeous sparkly Bohemian glass bead in each center..

The flower scarf, which can be used as a beautiful and unique garland as well, can be worn in many ways.
The yarn is very soft and warm if wrapped around the neck several times. But it is especially great to wear on lighter days as more of a statement jewelry piece.
The scarf is about 2.5 meters / 8 ft 2 inches long.