Mermaid Polymer Clay Shadow Box

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This beautiful hand sculpted polymer clay mermaid shadow box is called

"Ceol Na Mara"

The music of the sea calls you home.
Whether you be far or near,
the sea is always here.

Ceol Na Mara is Gaelic for Song of the Sea and this hand sculpted polymer clay embroidery painting was inspired by my travels to the beautiful Scottish Highlands and Islands and the colours of the sea during the morning, afternoon and evening.
The shadow box has a deep sea purple background swirled with dark teal. On this was hand sculpted a depiction of a blue skinned mermaid blowing on a large conch shell to make the music of the sea. She has white wavy hair made up with pearls and a shell, runic tattoos on her skin and some gems set into it as well. She wears a bikini made of sea flowers and she has a white tail with translucent pink, baby blue and sparkly white fins. Her tail is encrusted with gems, flowers and silver leaf flecks.
She floats above some weeds, sea flowers, sand dollars, shells and coral on the bottom of the sea.
Little fish and a jellyfish are attracted to her music.
The mermaid was dusted here and there with iridescent white, blue and purple shimmer to give her a sparkly magical glitter.

The sculpted painting is around 9 cm high and 14 cm wide and set in a pretty white frame, which is about 14.5 cm high and 19.5 cm wide. The frame can be both hung on a wall and set upon a dresser.