Mermaid Ornament Original Polymer Clay Art Pendant



This intricate hand sculpted art pendant is called
"Moira, the Sunset Chaser."

She travels the world trying to find the most beautiful sunsets, trying to soak up their special magic.
Her favourites are Summer sunsets at Neist Point, Isle of Skye, Scotland.

This is a big and bold pendant!
It can also be hung as a small sculpted painting/ornament and is completely hand sculpted with polymer clay with lots of small, delicate details in clay embroidery, no molds were used.

It depicts a mermaid swimming up to the ocean surface towards the gold and pink sunset. She has a powerful emerald green tail with a large fin. Her whole tail is covered in little bubbles, scales and pearls. She has green skin with tattoes on her arms. She wears a blue bikini top with a golden edge from which hang dark red sea flower petals. She has long, flowy, purple hair in which she wears a blue sea flower with golden weeds sticking out from under it. She is surrounded by purple, red, gold, and pearly white fish who swim upwards with her. Her hands are outstretched towards the bubbles her movement in the surface waters makes. Beneath her grow golden, blue and white water flowers with amethyst AB rhinestone hearts and flowy green vines.

All this is built on multi-coloured background in colours of dark night blue, royal blue and teal blue, flowing over into gold and pink to depict the sunset light filtering through the surface of the water.
The cameo was built on a beautiful raw brass ornate filigree. The scene is dusted with little amounts of golden, antique silver, green, sky blue, purple, red and iridescent white shimmer to give it a water shimmer glow.

The pendant has a nice weight to it and is 8.5 cm in diameter and at the point  where the mermaid's tail juts out most, it's about 1 cm thick. Please be careful with small children, this is not made for playing with. While wearing, or feeling the necklace, keep in mind that this is made with polymer clay, so while being strong and flexible, it is not unbreakable, especially in sections with small vines and swirls, like her hair and tail fins.

The last picture shows how large this pendant looks when wearing it. The pendant comes on a royal purple ribbon to wear it on or hang it on.