Magic Tree of Life Polymer Clay Earrings

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These beautifully vibrant earrings are called
"Magic Tree"

This tree is the Magic Tree,
it stands in the clearing of the ancient forest. Fireflies dance between its branches.
It has glistening berries hanging on the tips of its branches
and flowers and leaves in magical colours cling to it.
Witches come here to tap into its energy to aid their spellwork.

These large but light weight Pagan earrings are hand sculpted from polymer clay.
They have handsculpted cameos, built on large, ornate, teal hand patina-ed round filigrees.
The cameos are dark royal blue and they are adorned with glistening brown trees with coiled branches.
The trees almost seem to be dancing!
The branches are rimmed by lots of tiny petals in royal purple, pink, orange, teal, emerald green and yellow.
Some branches have grown flowers in yellow, pink and orange.
The coiled branches end in glistening rhinestone berries in dark fuchsia pink, aqua blue, and butter yellow.
Little white dots for fireflies shimmer between and underneath the branches. At the base of the trees grow leaves and curly vines.
The scene is softly dusted with night blue, golden, iridescent sparkly white, green and purple shimmer.

The earrings are quite light weight and measure 5 cm in diameter and a little over 0,5 cm thick.
The ear wires are gold.
Please check out the last photo so you can see how large these earrings are!

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