Long Red and Pink Art Yarn Flower Scarf - Skinny Fringe Scarf - Boho Scarf

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This bold and lushious super long hippie art yarn skinny scarf is called

"Paint the Town Red"

This luxurious but easily wearable boho lariat fringe scarf is made from a beautiful collection of several gorgeously wild hand dyed hand spun art yarns, handspun by myself and other fiber artists. It is gathered together here and there and sewn up with beautiful bunches of silk and velvet millinery flowers and leaves.

The flower scarf, which can be used as a beautiful and unique garland as well, contains some of my collection's most precious yarns including some of my own making and contains fibers of merino wool, mohair, gorgeous locks, sparkly thread and shiny silk.
It has lushious shades of red, pink, orange and purple.

This scarf can be worn in many ways.
The yarn is very soft and warm if wrapped around the neck several times. It can also be worn on lighter days as more of a statement jewelry piece.
The scarf is about 3 meters / 9 ft 10 inches long.

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