Jack o Lantern Polymer Clay Shadow Box

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This spooky fun sculpted painting is called

"Jack o' Lantern is on the prowl"

This is an original one of a kind hand sculpted polymer clay shadow box.
It has a dark green hand sculpted polymer clay background, on this was hand sculpted a depiction of a Jack o' Lantern figure in a black suit holding a lantern and a carved pumpkin. He has a large pumpkin head with black carved facial features. His suit is black with a high spiky collar, spiky cuffs and ankles. His shoes are long and black and pointy toed, and his buttons are tiny skullies. His ornate carved lantern has a dripping candle and a spider dangles from its cobweb on the lantern. At the bottom of the frame sit more carved pumpkins, skullies, toadstools and Autumn harvest produce such as apples and corn.  There is a little black kitten sitting on a pumpkin looking at it all and another spider wove its cobweb on another pumpkin. The sky above Jack o' Lantern is star strewn and a crescent moon is shining. Crows and batts in flight accompany him on his prowls.
The scene was dusted with iridescent white, green, red and golden shimmer to give a moonkissed glow.

The sculpted painting is around 13.5 cm high and 8.5 cm wide and set in a black baroque style frame, which is about 19.5 cm high and 14.5 cm wide. The frame can both be hung on the wall and set upon a dresser.

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