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Inner Goddess Reading - Astrology Reading

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- You are good enough, we all have access to creativity and we all have something to offer this world, self-knowledge, self-acceptance and self-compassion are the way to access your Highest Creative Potential -

I'm here to help you see all of who you are, to accept all of who you are, your needs, your talents and where your pain or fears may be. So that you can access your Highest Potential through self-acceptance and self-compassion and so that you may find what it is you came here to do on this Earth to leave it a little better than when you came here.
The alchemy of inner transformation is not meant to change you into someone you are not, transformations are meant to bring you ever closer to your true inner self. This is what I want to help you with.

In this world Feminine Energy has been suppressed for a long time already, with all the destructive consequences this engenders. But there is hope, because Divine Feminine spirituality is resurging. (Spiritual) eco-feminism is becoming more and more mainstream, a movement that calls for a new compassionate society based on care for the Earth, for each other and other living beings on this beautiful planet and especially respecting all beings as they are and realising we are all connected to each other.
Our dominator culture can't rule for much longer, it is an untenable situation that hasn't served humanity, the Earth and other living creatures for a long time. A change is necessary and inevitable.
With renewed appreciation for the Divine Feminine and more and more people who feel the need for regaining the balance between Feminine and Masculine energy, Yin and Yang, regardless of your sex, gender identity, romantic or sexual orientation, it can help to know what exactly your Divine Feminine signature is.
Which Inner Goddess(es) are most prominent in you. This is your easiest and most natural connection to the Divine Feminine.

In our standard Astrological birth chart, a map of the placement of all the planets and heavenly bodies at the exact moment of your birth, often only two Feminine heavenly bodies are taken into account: the Moon and Venus, all the rest is seen as Masculine within traditional Astrology (this can be debated by modern Astrologers, of course, but that is a different matter).
There are however many more heavenly bodies to look to, that carry our Divine Feminine signature in a much more specific way.
There are the four large Goddess Asteroids Ceres (who has actually been re-classified as a dwarf-planet), the Goddess of Motherhood and Nurturing, Vesta, the Goddess of Sacred Fire and Devotion, Pallas Athene, the Goddess of Mind-driven Creativity, and Juno, the Goddess of Partnership and Marriage.
But aside from these there are also many more smaller Goddess asteroids, like Diana, Artemis, Persephone, Hekate, Circe, Lilith, etc.
When one or more of these Goddess asteroids make significant aspects to your Sun, Moon or personal planets, then this is a clear sign of the Goddess energy in your personality and life.
A long, long time ago people worshiped the Great Goddess, she was the Divine Feminine in her entire being, but this Great Goddess has many, many aspects, the more specific Goddesses are embodiments of this.

In this Inner Goddess reading, aside from your Venus and Moon, we will look to which Goddess Asteroids are all significantly placed in your birth chart, so that you can find entry ways into your connection to your own Divine Feminine energy, your Inner Goddess(es).

This session will be about 90 minutes but leave some room for going over that time.
You can come to my attic studio here in Wahlwiller, or we can meet via Zoom.
After check out, contact me to book a date and time and to let me know if you want to come to my studio or if you'd like the reading to be on Zoom.
With check out I also need your birth date, place of birth and exact time of birth. Exact time of birth is usually on your birth certificate, it’s best to use this, because parents often don’t remember the exact time of your birth, they were busy with more important things ;-)