Hand Sculpted Polymer Clay Witch Art Pendant - Witch Ornament

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This Halloween witch ornament pendant is called


This little witch is practicing for her coven’s annual Halloween conjuring show.
Conjuring little ghosties from her cauldron is her speciality.

This pendant was hand sculpted from polymer clay, without any molds and depicts a scene of a little witch waving her little bat wand and conjuring a little ghostie from her cauldron. She wears a green dress with black polka dots and a purple wool trim at the hem of her skirt, a black cape with a purple patched up spot, and a black pointy witch's hat with a purple band two little green leaves. She has blue curly hair and black pointy shoes.
The cauldron is black and is embellished with a white triple moon. Underneath the cauldron crackles a little fire and the little ghost rising from it is white and so are the magic sparks surrounding it.
At the top and the bottom of the pendant sit pink flowers with AB rhinestone hearts and green leaves.
This was all hand sculpted onto a swirling purple background which was sculpted onto a antiqued brass filigree.
The clay scene was dusted with golden, purple, blue, iridescent white, red and green shimmer to give a magical glow.

The pendant is 7.5 cm in diameter and the cameo is about 1 cm thick. The pendant comes on a royal purple ribbon.
!! Please be careful with the protruding parts, like the dress, cape, flames and hair strands.

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