Green Circlet with Peacock Feathers and Polymer Clay Flower Ornament - Ibiza Style Festival Headband

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This elegant hippie feather headband is called

"Emerald and Gold"

It was made with beautiful, vibrant hand dyed and hand spun emerald green silk sari yarn. It was wrapped firmly around a wire so that the crown is shapeable and sturdy.

The crown has a polymer clay ornament as front centerpiece. This centerpiece consists of a golden ornate diamond shaped filigree, and a hand sculpted polymer clay cameo built on the filigree. The cameo has an emerald green base and is adorned with a golden rose and flower bouquet with golden rhinestone heart. The flower bouquet is wreathed in golden leaves and vines.

This centerpiece is 4.5 cm long and 3 cm high and 0,5 cm thick, and was hand sewn on.

From the back of the wreath fall more yarn dangles on which ends are beautiful hand dyed cruelty free peacock and rooster feathers attached, in purple, green, ochre, iridescent black green and aqua blue. These were all sewn on by hand and fortified with blue satin ribbon.

The crown closes with another piece of the emerald green sari yarn that will hang in your hair. This way the headdress will fit anyone. The wreath is 60 cm around.

The silk sari art yarn used was spun by Amber Threads: