Free Download - Creative Empowerment Symbol Guide by Deidre Dreams

Free Download - Creative Empowerment Symbol Guide by Deidre Dreams

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Creative empowerment symbol guide by Deidre Gubbels

This is a collection of empowerment symbols that you can use for your freeform (art yarn) embroidery work, or any other creative work. They are simple, but powerful.
Empowerment symbols are symbols that are uncomplicated and nearly universally used. They embody simple visualisations that are fundamental to our experiences here on Earth.

Working creatively with empowerment symbols, helps their power penetrate your consciousness deeper because you are interacting with them through your body, specifically your hands and eyes.
Our body is our most powerful gateway to wellbeing, it is our unique vessel in which we travel through this life. It is ours and unalienable. Respecting our body and experiencing joy and pleasure through it is one the most important conditions for wellbeing and a fulfilling life.

Embroidery is a calming, meditative handcraft that is both very tactile as well as visual. You work needle, thread and fabric, and can see a piece both beautiful and meaningful growing beneath your hands.
Connecting with an empowerment symbol through this medium brings a sense of peace, contentment and fulfillment because you are seeing something beautiful take form that you yourself have created.

Through the constant connection with the empowerment symbol and its meaning (that it holds for you), it embeds itself ever deeper into your consciousness.
Use these empowerment symbols as inspiration, let them sink in and choose which one at this moment is most meaningful to you.

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