Fire Colours Art Yarn Necklace - Boa Bubble Necklace - Infinity Shawl

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This gorgeous art yarn statement necklace is called

"Camp Fire"

This romantically wild and firey boa cowl was made from an art yarn that I handspun myself, from a batt that I also hand carded myself. It contains loads of gorgeous handdyed and commercial fibers, such as merino wool, lushious Masham, Teeswater and Wensleydale locks and sparkly angelina. It has beautiful fire colours, such as red, orange, yellow, gold and also some splashes of brown, green and aubergine.
I corespun this yarn first as a thick and thin single alternating pieces from an art batt with the locks and then I coiled it carefully to make sure each lock stayed dangling from the yarn instead of getting tangled up in it, to give it extra bubbly and wild texture. There are bubbly, cocoon-y bits that are coiled with gold thread.
The very lushiously luxurious multi strand fiber necklace is gathered together in a continuous circle and the strands of yarn hang down like a waterfall with every circle interwining and at different lengths, the locks giving a wild witch hair boa like effect. The smallest circle is big enough to pull over your head and the yarn is gathered at the back and sewn so that it is securely closed.
This necklace is the perfect accessory for a witchy wild girl.

The yarn is very soft and squishy.
The necklace hangs down about 20-25 cm and the lowest locks even longer.