Fairy Ornament - Flower Fairy Original Polymer Clay Art Pendant

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This dreamy fairy ornament pendant is called


This is Bluebell, she brings Summer. She takes tiny little magic seeds from the pouch sewn onto her dress, and scatters them around. At her touch they transform into beautiful Summer flowers. They root as soon as they touch the ground.

This pendant was hand sculpted from polymer clay, without any molds and depicts a scene of a little Summer flower fairy, flying high in the night sky, bringing the seeds of Summer to the land. She has large ornate wings in several shades of purple, from which tiny flowers grow. She wears a peacock green dress with a little triangular purple pocket and pink and purple flowers along the hems, and lavender and pink stripey stockings and she has pointy toes. She has light sky blue wavy hair, pointy elf ears and wears a pink flower crown on her head. She has little flowers in her hand that she scatters in the wind. Flowers, flower petals and magic crystals soar through the air around her, some of them with rhinestone hearts. This is all built on a deep night blue cameo. The cameo was sculpted onto a large ornate hand patinaed shabby chic turquoise filigree. The scene was dusted with midnight blue, silver, iridescent white, lavender purple, green and golden shimmer to give it a vintage storybook look.

The pendant is about 8 cm high and 5 cm wide and the cameo is about 1 cm thick. The pendant comes on a royal purple satin ribbon.

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