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This fun snowman print is called

Snow Day!

This is for all snow lovers, for all who don't care that it's not practical, that it's not handy for traffic and not liked much in the grown up world.
Because snow is magical.
There's nothing quite like snow.
The way it looks when it drifts down to the world.
The way it falls so softly and silently like a million little magic spells.
The way it glitters.
The way it makes the world look magical and makes it so easy to believe in fairy tales.
The way it can be made into snowmen.
The way it crunches under your feet.
The way it's the best when you're the first to step on it.
The way it turns the fields into exciting rollercoasters when you go sledding.
There really is nothing quite like snow.

This is a listing for a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, not for a physical print.
This is a digital photographic art print of one of my original hand sculpted polymer clay paintings.

You will be sent, after check-out, a file fit for a high quality print up to S8R 8x12 inch/20.3x30.5 cm/20x30 cm
It is also suitable for printing on card stock 4R 4x6 inch/10.2x15.2 cm/10x15 cm or 12x18cm.

You could print this out to frame for your nursery, as a greeting card, or an invitation card, whatever you like!

You can print this out anywhere you want, your printer at home, or even your preferred print service. As my work looks best on high quality photo printer, my recommendation would be to have your local photo printers' print on something similar to premium, Fuji Digital Professional DP II Lustre Paper with a matte finish. The satin finish gives beautiful intense colour.
If there are any issues or questions, please send me a message.

Watermark will not be on the image in the file.

- You may print as many copies as you want after your purchase, for personal use or to give as a gift.
- The files may not be shared (by email, file sharing websites, or any other means) or given away. The file is meant for use by the purchaser only.
Please be kind and considerate of this.
- Purchased files may not be resold in digital or physical form.
- Purchased files may not, under any circumstances, be used or altered to create products meant for digital or physical sale.
- Purchased files may not be used in any website, blog, logo, banner, etc.
- The full resolution file may not be uploaded to any blog or website.

- Purchased files cannot be refunded.

Please be aware that due to differences in monitor and printer calibrations, colours may show up slightly differently in print than on your screen. The final print quality will depend on the type of printer and paper used.