Cotton Candy Cocoon Bubble Necklace - Statement Necklace - Handspun Art Yarn Necklace



This very eyecatching art yarn statement necklace is called

"Cotton Candy"

This gorgeous and very unique bohemian fluffy cocoon necklace was made from an art yarn that I handspun myself. It would make a gorgeous bridal necklace for a larger than life fairy or boho girl.
I corespun a beautiful, dreamy, textured soft pink and white cotton candy coloured art batt very loosely and created large fluffy puffy bobbles while autowrapping it in gold thread, that I then coiled and cocooned in gold thread, creating beautiful large airy cocoon bubbles throughout the yarn.
It contains lots of gorgeous fibers, such as merino, bayardine, and angelina. The shine on this yarn is super lushious, luxurious and it is incredibly soft!
This voloptuous four strand fiber necklace is gathered together in a continuous circle and the strands of yarn hang down like a waterfall with every circle interwining and at different lengths. The smallest circle is big enough to pull over your head and the yarn is gathered at the back and sewn so that it is securely closed.

The yarn is super squishy and soft.
The necklace hangs down about 30 cm.

I have to thank the wonderful Esther from Star Fiber Studio for the gorgeous art batt I spun this from: