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Cosmic Alchemy Guidance - Inner Alchemy Coaching

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Introducing: Cosmic Alchemy Guidance with Deidre Dreams

Are you searching for the meaning in your life? For your Soul purpose? Are you wanting to get in touch with your Inner Child, with your essence that knows what your Soul wants, before it became burdened with conditioning to fit in, to be a 'good girl', to put others' needs before your own, to do the 'sensible thing'?
Would you like to know what Sacred Feminine energy you came to embody in this lifetime and how to do that? Do you want to (re-)awaken your Creativity, or even to know how to use that urge to create?
Would you like to create a daily life that contributes to your wellbeing and sets you on your Soul path?

With the foundation of your astrological birth chart, in this 2-month coaching journey we will (re-)awaken your creativity, get you in touch with your Inner Goddess signature, create practical rituals that help your wellbeing and connection to your Inner self and set you on the path of alchemising the desires of your Inner Child, integrating your Shadows and living your purpose.

With my main inner archetypes being the Priestess, the Alchemist, the Artist, the Healer, the Magician, the Witch and the Teacher, I am passionate about helping you learn who you truly are, what you desire in life, accept yourself as you are and guide you in letting yourself walk your Highest Path.

This coaching journey includes:

- 4 live sessions (depending on where you live, this will be face-to-face in my studio or via live Zoom-calls), including an introductory birth chart reading to start us off.
- Inner Goddess work
- Inner Child work
- Shadow work
- Journal prompts
- Meditation exercises
- If needed, creativity prompts
- Guidance in building practical rituals