Christmas Angel Ornament - Christmas Angel Original Polymer Clay Art Pendant

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This big and bold, but dreamy ornament pendant is called

"Yule Angel"

This angel blesses the shortest day
and longest night of the year
and infuses it with her magic of opportunity
to give us all the best chance for a good new year.

This pendant was hand sculpted from polymer clay without any molds and depicts a scene of a little green haired Yule angel, floating in the starry night sky, close to the North Star. She wears a long white gown, with a silver wool trim along the hem of the skirt and sleeves, decorated with a large red poinsettia and holly leaves and berries. Around her waist she wears a belt made out of golden coins. She wears a wreath of green leaves and red berries on her forest green hair, from which hangs a long brown feather. She has large white feathery wings. She conjures up her Yule magic in the form of glowing golden, red, green and white flowers and leaves and sprinkles them out over the sleeping world beneath her. The scene is framed with a long pine branch in dark bronze and dark forest green with pine cones, mistletoe leaves and berries, holly leaves and berries, a red poinsettia and long brown vines with green leaves and red berries along the bottom. It is dusted with silver, midnight blue, green, red, golden and iridescent shimmer to give it a warm Yuletide shiny glow. The dark sky blue polymer clay cameo is built on a large round ornate raw brass filigree.

The pendant is about 8.5 cm in diameter and 1 cm thick. It comes on a shiny red ribbon.

It goes for all my pieces, but I will mention it extra for this pendant: This is not made for little ones to play with and pulled at.

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