Cat Goddess Ornament - Bastet Original Polymer Clay Art Pendant

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This intricate hand sculpted art pendant is called

Bastet, goddess of cats, music, dance and joy. She loves to surround herself with her darling cats, grapes, water lilies, papyrus flowers and morning glory.

This is a big and bold pendant!
It can also be hung as a small sculpted painting/ornament and is completely hand sculpted with polymer clay with lots of small, delicate details in clay embroidery, no molds were used.

It depicts a Bastet Goddess figure, surrounded by her cats, whom she has lovingly wrapped her arms around. She wears a long white dress with golden trimmings on which red, blue and green jewels are set. She has a black cat's head with green eyes. She has four cats with her, a red, a brown and two black ones. She is surrounded by morning glory vines, grape vines, water lilies in lilac and white and lilac papyrus flowers.

All this is built on a hand sculpted lapis lazuli blue cameo. The scene is dusted with little amounts of golden, green, sky blue, purple, lavender and white iridescent shimmer to give it a soft shiny, magical glow.
The cameo was built on a darkly oxidized brass filigree.

The pendant has a nice weight to it and is 7,5 cm in diameter and at the point  where Bastet's knees jut out most, it's about 1 cm thick. Please be careful with small children, this is not made for playing with. While wearing, or feeling the necklace, keep in mind that this is made with polymer clay, so while being strong and flexible, it is not unbreakable, especially in sections with small vines and swirls, flower petals and whiskers.

The last picture shows how large this pendant looks when wearing it. The pendant comes on a white ribbon to wear it on or hang it on.