Cat Ear Devil Horn Headband

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This cute cat ear headband is called

"Cat Ears"

It was made with beautiful, vibrant hand dyed and hand spun merino black and purple yarn with sparkly angelina and purple silk sari art yarn. The headband is completely wrapped in sparkly black and purple yarn and then wrapped in vibrant royal blue and purple silk sari yarn to give a stripey effect, giving it a very Halloween like vibe.

It was wrapped firmly around a wire so that the crown is shapeable and sturdy. The whole piece was completely built with yarn wrapped wire by me, no pre-bought pieces in this headdress. The wire goes completely through the whole headband and through the whole ears, which means you can shape it exactly to your liking. The base yarn is also stitched around the ears for sturdy-ness during party-ing.
The headdress is very light weight so as to wear it comfortably all day at a festival.

The headdress is also decorated with silk and velvet black and purple millinery flowers some of which are glittered. All of this was sewn on by hand, no glue, so that it stays on even if it's soaked in rain.
(Should it rain profusely and get very wet, it might stain a little, but that comes right off in the shower. Also, leave the headdress to dry just lying down, don't use heaters or blow dryers.)

The crown has little loops at the ends of the headband so that it closes with a black satin ribbon. This way the headdress will fit anyone. The headband is 48cm around.

The black and purple sparkly yarn that was used was hand dyed and hand spun by Wool Wench:

The silk sari art yarn used was spun by Amber Threads: