Building a Snowman Original Polymer Clay Shadow Box

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This snowman shadow box is called

"Snow Day!"

This is for all snow lovers, for all who don't care that it's not practical, that it's not handy for traffic and not liked much in the grown up world.
Because snow is magical.
There's nothing quite like snow.
The way it looks when it drifts down to the world.
The way it falls so softly and silently like a million little magic spells.
The way it glitters.
The way it makes the world look magical and makes it so easy to believe in fairy tales.
The way it can be made into snowmen.
The way it crunches under your feet.
The way it's the best when you're the first to step on it.
The way it turns the fields into exciting rollercoasters when you go sledding.
There really is nothing quite like snow.

This is an original one of a kind hand sculpted polymer clay painting.
It has a light powder blue gleaming background.
On this was hand sculpted a depiction of a little girl sitting on her knees in the snow, building a snowman while her little black cat lies on her sled, looking on.
She wears a purple winter coat with pink flower trimming, green tights, red snow boots with little white polka dots, a blue and green stripey scarf, pink mittens and pink hat with a purple pompom. She wears her long brown hair in a braid with a red bow. She has brown skin.
Her snowman is large and is built from three big snow balls, each one a little bigger than the last. He has black coals for buttons and his eyes and mouth are made out of little black coals, too. He has a little carrot for a nose. The snowman has branches for arms and he wears an old green brim hat with a red band and a purple feather.
The little kitty is black and is lying on the wooden sled that was left by the little girl, to the right of where she is building her snowman.
Snow is still softly falling all around them
The whole scene is dusted with iridescent white shimmer to give it a snowy diamond glitter and the sled and kitty are dusted with a bit of gold to show where the show is still peeping through and letting her rays fall down.

The sculpted painting is around 8.5 cm high and 13.5 cm wide and set in a blue frame, which is about 14 cm high and 18 cm wide. The frame can both be hung on the wall and set upon a dresser.

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