Blue White Mermaid Ceramic Mug - Coffee Mug

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Morwenna, Spirit of the Shoreline

Keeper of the veil between the water world and the land world.
She attracts maritime birds to the water and turtles to the land.
She represents all those who will always feel torn between two worlds: the mystique and freedom of the deep and the opportunity and energy of the earth.

This beautiful and solidly sized coffee mug features my original mermaid art design Morwenna, Spirit of the Shoreline. This mug is a great and practical accessory that can be used for all your favourite hot and cold beverages.

This ceramic mug is made in the United States using my original photograph. They are dishwasher safe, but not microwave or oven safe. The mug can contain 11 oz/325ml of liquid.

These mugs are made to order and therefore can take 2-3 weeks for delivery within the US. International orders may take longer. Keep this in mind when ordering for gifts.