Blue Art Yarn Necklace with Hand Sculpted Polymer Clay Spiral Pendant

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This dreamy, wavy art yarn necklace with polymer clay spiral pendant is called

"Blue Waves"

This art yarn necklace is something a bit different from what I usually make. I designed it so that the clay pendant and the art yarn complement in shape and the clay pendant is modeled on the shape and the look of the yarn. It was inspired by the elemental feel that art yarn exudes. This collection was made to honour the pagan boho part in me and it was guided by the yarn rather than the clay pendant.

It was made with hand dyed and hand spun art yarn that contains several plying techniques, merino wool, silk,  and 100% cotton bali-batik fabric strips. The yarn has lots of different shades of blue and green, just like the sea.

From the necklace hangs a hand sculpted polymer clay spiral pendant. The pendant is blue and in the centers of the largest swirl sits a fuchsia pink rhinestone. The pendant was lightly dusted with blue shimmer.

There are two strands of yarn in this necklace, stitched together at the ends into a loop to fasten around a vintage steel blue button. The yarn is a bit stretchy and very soft.

The necklace is 55 cm long around the neck.

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The beautiful yarn was hand dyed and hand spun by the amazing fiber artist Sarah from