The Angels' Share Original Sculpted Shadow Box

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This angel shadow box is called

"The Angels' Share"

When whisky is put in casks and left to mature for years and years,
getting tastier and tastier,
a part of it 'evaporates'.
This is called the Angels' Share.

This is a hand sculpted polymer clay painting.
It has a copper golden background.
On this was hand sculpted a depiction of an angel, drinking her 'Angels' share' from a whisky cask from a little glass.
She wears a long flowy golden white dress with light blue trims and pearly white side skirts. The dress is decorated here and there with little golden flowers with light blue leaves.
She wears two golden bracelets and she wears white pointy toed shoes.
She has red curly hair and large wings with a light blue base and mostly white and some golden and light blue feathers.
Beneath her are three whisky casks. On the floor between them grow little pink and blue flowers with green leaves, and purple and pink thistles on tall stalks with long prickly leaves.
To the left side of the casks grows a very tall thistle vine.
Above the scene grow little ferns with tiny white flowers out of the walls.
The whole scene is dusted with golden, iridescent white, green, copper glitter and purple shimmer to give it a sun lit glow.

The sculpted painting is around 15 cm high and 10 cm wide and set in a white ornate frame. The frame is about 21 cm high and 16 cm wide. The frame can both be hung on the wall and set upon a dresser.

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