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Craft, Tea and Sympathy videos in my Deidre Dreams Group Page on Facebook

Intro video on working with your personal Astrology in an empowering way
Intro video on what exactly is Astrology, how do we use the planets and mathematical points?
Intro video on the meanings of the Planets in Astrology
Intro video on the Astrological Elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) and Modalities (Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable)
Video on some of the characteristics and needs of Aries
Video on the characteristics and strengths of Taurus
Video on Mercury Retrograde, Jupiter in Aries and Eclipse Season
Intro video on the most easily accessible creative potential Signs
Video on using Astrology for self-acceptance, self-compassion, self-empowerment and unlocking your Highest Potential
Intro video on why it is so helpful to work with the Moon Phases
Video on a new perspective on Mercury Rertrograde, as a crucial part of the Mercury Cycle

Mini video embroidery tutorial: stem stitch
Mini video tutorial: fishbone stitch
Mini video tutorial: vissengraatsteek

Mini video tutorial: how to set up your Freeform Art Yarn embroidery
Mini video tutorial: een Artgaren opstikken
Mini video tutorial: how to couch stitch an Art yarn onto your fabric

Video: Wat zit er allemaal in een Freeform Artgaren borduurkit?
Video: What is in a Freeform Art yarn embroidery kit?


My cleansing and grounding ritual:

My favourite crystal is clear quartz, to me it feels the most 'clean', neutral, cleansing and refreshing. With clear quartz I find it easiest to get rid of energies that don't belong to me and to get back to my inner clear calm lake (in my Human Design, I don't have my Solar Plexus center defined, so when I'm on my own, my emotions are usually calm).
My friend who is a medium and energetic therapist taught me this ritual in a session, it's for cleansing and grounding myself back into my own energy. I use it when I feel I need it. I don't make myself do this every day, because then it becomes a chore and loses its usefulness (still an ADHD gal here).
I sit on the quilt my gran made for me and I place 4 clear quartz crystals around me and call on the 4 Directions and the 4 Elements, I asigned each stone a Direction and an Element (to me North is Earth, East is Air, South is Fire and West is Water, to you this might be different, give yourself permission to not follow other people's rules for this).
I hold a selenite wand in each hand to direct the energy that is not mine, out.
I use a tiny Tibetan singing bowl to bring myself back to attention every time my attention wanders and to signal the beginning and ending of my ritual.

Meditative yoga video: Cosmic Breath
It creates space in your heart area and grounds you back into your own essence.
It goes like this: you inhale, bend down while exhaling, place your fingertips behind your ankles and draw a circle around you forward while inhaling, this is your place on the Earth.
While exhaling you come back up with the backs of your hands touching.
Bring your hands all the way up while inhaling and spread them wide even bending backwards a bit, receive your blessing from the Universe, and bring your hands in toward your heart while exhaling.
Now spread your hands and arms wide out while inhaling and give your own blessing to the world around you.
When bringing your hands back in and exhaling again place your fingertips around your bellybutton, and let this energy settle in your Sacral center.
Repeat as often as needed.
This exercise may make you yawn a lot, let it, this is your breath cleansing you of troubled energy.
You may also experience moments of pause in your breath when your fingertips settle over your bellybutton, take these moments to calmly settle into the quiet.
Blessed be ❤️

Kosmische Creativiteit filmpjes in mijn Deidre Dreams Group Page op Facebook

Intro-video over mijn Astrologie werk
Video over hoe ik Astrologie gebruik voor zelf-acceptatie, zelf-compassie, zelf-bekrachtiging en het ontketenen van je Hoogste Potentie