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The only constant in life, is change

Happy Sagittarius season, lovelies on this first day of December 2021.

Where's the time gone again? How are we already in December, rounding off this second pandemic year in just a few weeks time?? It's been a while since I wrote a blog post here, but I feel the urge to do so now, to talk a bit about where I am at right now.
As this post's title suggests, I want to tell you guys a bit about the changes I've been going through, mostly internally.

New embroidery pattern Crowned Deer is here and a new logo commission

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Hello dearies! How have you all been? I've been embroidering and hoping that the sun will come back soon. We've had a lot of rain here, which is good for the earth (we had such a ridiculously dry Spring and Summer last year, which was really bad!), but I can't deny that it makes me a bit gloomy sometimes.
Thankfully embroidering is the perfect wet weather activity! Not that it's not also the perfect sit-in-your-sunny-garden activity as well, though ;-)
So, I thought I'd write a quick blog post about the new embroidery and some other things I've been up to.

2019; Slowly finding a new me

Cutting it close on this last day of the year, I do want to say a few words about how this year has been for me. I've been wandering around with snippets of this blog posts wafting along in my head for months now, but I haven't sat down to write it yet. Somehow, though, it doesn't feel right to let this year close before writing this and sending it out into the world.

My darling gran

Let me just start by saying that for me, this years sucked so far! Big time. I wouldn't mind if I could scrap it off the calendar. I feel so silly when I think back to the beginning of the year, how sure I was that this year would be a good one for me. What an innocent Summer child I was back then O.o
Since I wrote my blog post about missing Murphy, our sweet kitty baby who wasn't meant to last out the year apparently, so much has happened.

Missing Murphy


Today it's been exactly a month since we've had to say goodbye to our sweet Murphy bear. To say that we have been having a hard time of it, would be a huge understatement. The sadness is so overwhelming at times that I sometimes feel as if I will never get used to life without him.

Why I Wanted to Learn to Spin my Own Art Yarn

Why I Wanted to Learn to Spin my Own Art Yarn

As most of you who keep up with my Facebook page, know, I am learning how to spin my own art yarn.
I keep thinking some of you must think I've gone mad. One of my biggest fears in this art thing I'm doing, is that people won't take me seriously if I do too many different things. And yet, I keep finding more craft forms and art forms to do. My interests are just too wide to contain them to one or two things.

The Isle of Harris - Where My Soul is Home and My Heart is Happy

Sigh. Another holiday in Scotland is over (a few weeks already, it took me a while to get to this blog post).
It's been a long time since I last wrote a blog post, even though I had planned to do that more often, but, there you go. This last vacation in Scotland, however, brought a lot of good things for me to the emotional surface, so I thought I'd write a bit about it.

Inspiration, an exciting but fickle friend.

Inspiration, an exciting but fickle friend.

I'm pretty sure inspiration is something that comes up a LOT on the internet in general and in the art and creative world specifically.
I've been thinking about my inspiration a lot lately, so I thought I'd spit all my thoughts out in a blog post ;-)