Your life force – Your Sun (sign) in your personal Astrology

The most common knowledge for most people about their Astrology, is their Sun Sign. If you know your birthday, you know your Sun Sign.
It’s just that your Sun Sign doesn’t say exactly that about you what most people think it does.
Let me explain ;-)

In Astrology we look at 10 celestial bodies and planets; the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. And then there’s also dozens of asteroids that we can look at as well.
These heavenly bodies all move through the cosmos and seen from our Earth, through the 12 Signs; Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.
So the Signs are ‘fixed’ areas of the cosmos, they are constellations of stars grouped together and they stay in the same spot (well, sort of, through the millenia they move a tiny bit, but for our Astrology purposes these are the fixed parts of the cosmos to which we callibrate).
The planets, Sun and Moon, and the asteroids are the moving parts of our cosmos (the Earth moves, too, because it’s also a planet).
So these move, as seen from the Earth, constantly through the fixed areas, the Signs.
And so, what your astrological birth chart really is, is a freeze-frame, a snapshot, of the cosmos at the exact moment of your birth.
This then means that all the planets in our solar system were positioned in a certain sign for you, and indeed for anyone, at the moment you came into this life. The needs that the planets represent for us, are thus all filtered through the energies of the Signs they were in at the moment of our birth.
Aside from this, in Astrology we also look at certain ‘points’, like the Sign on the Eastern horizon at the moment of your birth, also called your Rising Sign or Ascendant, but I will get back to this in a later post.

Why is it then that we often know only our Sun, our Sun Sign, the sign the Sun was in at the moment of our birth? And why is that our Sun Sign doesn’t exactly say about us what we often think it does? And why, if this isn’t completely accurate, is your Sun still so important that it gets such prominence in Astrology?

Firstly, in general we all know where the Sun is at any given moment, in which Sign. Because the trajectory of the Sun through the Signs, is what marks the Seasons. For instance, we all know that around the 21st of March Spring begins and Aries month, around the 21st of June Summer and Cancer month, around the 21st of September Autumn and Libra month and around the 21st of December Winter and Capricorn month. The precise moment the Sun goes from the previous sign into these signs, is also the precise beginning of the season.
And because we calibrate our seasonal calendar to this, and we then all know where the Sun is, we think this is all we need to know to know someone astrologically.

But your Sun is not necessarily your most recognisable energy, that is your Ascendant usually.
Why then do we still find our Sun Sign so important that everyone knows their own?
That is because to us the Sun is our most important celestial body. Without the Sun there is no life on this Earth. The light and warmth of the Sun is essential for us to be able to live on this planet. The Sun shines and gives warmth and with this creates life here on Earth. The Sun then represents our life force, our creative power and our potential to shine. This means that your Sun Sign stands for your most ideal Self, the person you want to be, your highest potential. This sign expresses your life force, that which makes you shine, how you want to be seen, that which you can really do in this world if you can reach your potential.
This is the energy you possess as your best Self.
But this is also the reason that you, or other people, can often think that you aren’t really a Pisces, or that you don’t seem like a Taurus, and that people who don’t know your birthday and try to guess your Sun Sign for fun, are often wrong.
Because quite often in this world, in this life, we don’t always get the chance to be our best Self, the person our Soul really wants to be.
You could be going through a tough time that makes it difficult for you to access your inner source of happiness, it could be that a person doesn’t really know you well and can’t see your real inner core, you could also be at work where you’re not really in your best place and have to fall back on parts of yourself that can help you through this. You could also be holding yourself back because of fear. There are countless reasons why our inner Sun can’t come to the surface easily to really shine.

But it is very important to get in touch with your inner Sun, it is the most important part of you, because it is who your Soul wants to be. The energy for which you came into this life and the energy that will make you happiest when you embrace it.
This also makes it important to not fear the ‘low expression’, as we say in Astrology, of your Sun Sign, or the 'downsides' or the pitfalls or weaknesses of a sign.
To give an example: my Sun is in Aries. Aries energy is fiery, active, passionate and initiative-taking. But low expressions of Aries are impatience, being headstrong, pushy and quick to anger.
When I was much younger, I embodied my inner Aries Sun very easily, the high and low expressions. I was fiery, not afraid of much, quick witted, I defended my self worth easily, was usually up for anything new, interested in just about anything, an enthusiastic and inspiring leader, but also terribly impatient, quickly bored, not at all diplomatic and would walk all over people.

When I had gotten into trouble often enough and had met resistance to my impetuousness often enough, I started reigning in the Aries. I had too often trod on people’s toes and hurt their feelings without meaning to, my big mouth had resulted in a reprimand at work too often and I started to fear my Aries energy.
I pulled it all inward as much as possible and started falling back on parts of myself that were in Signs much ‘calmer’ than Aries.
Out of fear for the low expressions, I denied my Sun for quite a while. I became afraid of confrontation, of discussion, of impulsivity and I became frozen.
I unconsciously started giving myself over too much to the caring and nurturing qualities of my Moon in Cancer (I will write a Moon blog post in the next couple of weeks as well), and started focusing only on other people’s potential instead of my own. Somehow I had started to believe that my Aries energy made me selfish.
And then came the health issues. Just to be clear, I am not saying here that health issues are purely spiritually caused and explained, I have real medical health issues that have to be dealt with medically, no amount of meditating or embracing my Sun or any other spiritual approach can make my genetic predisposition for way too high blood pressure, go away.
But, denying my Sun for a number of years, did bring the medical issues to the surface and made them worse. Dealing with these medical issues has gone hand in hand with the search back to my Sun. To the high expression of my Sun, that is.
The low expression is of course always an option, but age and being mindful of  it, has helped me see the low expression for what it is, and the sincere wish to not unnecessarily hurt people, but not deny myself at the same time anymore, helps me to stay in the high expression.

Because in the end living our Sun is the most important thing that we came here on this Earth to do. As an Astrology nerd, I love diving into the more obscure and juicy parts like the North Node, the Goddess Asteroids and so on, but everything hinges on living your Sun.

What is your Sun and do you easily embrace it? Let me know! If you want to know more, there are countless sources and books out there to find out about the expressions of all the Signs and about their high and low expressions. So should you want to know more about your Sun and what your highest expression is, get yourself a nice cup of tea and google or a book, or you can book an Astrology reading with me of course, and use it to walk your best life path.

*** A little side note about if you were born on a ‘cusp’: the cusp is the ‘ending’ of the Sun's period in a Sign, usually around the 20th or 21st of a month. The Sun doesn’t move from one sign to another on the same exact time or even same exact day every year. But, the Sun is never in two signs at once (nor is any other planet or heavenly body). So you can’t be an Aries and Taurus at the same time, I know that is what people sometimes say, but that’s not what being on the cusp means. The reason you can express a lot of energy from two signs that follow each other in the Zodiac, is because the planets Mercury, Venus and Mars are close to the Earth and Sun and so are always going through signs that are close to the sign that the Sun is currently in.
If you were born on a cusp, and you get confused by horoscopes always saying something like 20-22 March until 20-22 April, then you should go to a chart generator website and put in your exact birth time and it will tell you whether the Sun was still in for instance Pisces or already in Aries when you were born. If the Sun was still in Pisces (or whatever sign) than you are a Pisces, if it was already in Aries, you’re an Aries ;-)



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