Who I am at this moment as an Astrologer

For those who missed it, (which whew, that is very likely with all the horrible war news right now), I passed my Astrology exam earlier this week! With a score of 100%, a 10 as we say here in the Netherlands, yay! So I’m now officially an Astrologer. I got to give my first chart reading/consultation as a certified Astrologer this week as well, which I LOVED. I feel so happy and content to have stepped onto this path and claimed it as mine. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life learning more.
I hadn’t really announced that I was studying to become an Astrologer, because I’d found in the past year that I often make announcements too quickly when stuff inside me is still shifting, and I frequently end up having to eat my words later. It’s the overly excited and impatient Aries in me, and the very strong Gemini influence I have doesn’t really do much to prevent the feeling of flightiness, so I’m working on that. To be fair, it’s also the Generator in me, which is led by a Sacral response, but can’t really always look beyond that response.
Which means I realised I haven’t spoken much on here yet about how I practice my Astrology, and thus what it would mean to get a chart reading/consultation from me. So, let me remedy that and explain a bit about who I am as an Astrologer right now. I say right now, because the field of Astrology allows for endless learning, endless ways of combining it with other systems, modalities, and I know it's inevitable that I will evolve in this practice over time.

The way I approach Astrology is very much influenced by my (sometimes unwitting) mentors in the field, Tenae Stewart, Rachel Onojafe and Chani Nicholas, among others. These are all astrologers, but also very importantly, feminist, compassionate ladies, who use Astrology for, as Nicholas’ book puts it, radical self-acceptance. I call it self-compassion as well. This means that I don’t see our birth charts (or our Human Design, for that matter) as un-escapable destiny, chains that you cannot break out of, a recipe for doom and gloom, but as a tool for understanding, knowing and accepting ourselves.
I use Astrology to help you see what the tools in your tool box are, your talents, your needs, and your soul’s wishes. Of course there’s shadow sides to all signs’ energies and planets’ energies, but to me, no sign is better than another, no planetary-sign-house combination a sure sign of doom in your life.
I hope to also help you accept that you were not born to be like perfect Jessica next door (no dis to any Jessicas, sorry, it was the first name that popped into my head ;-P ), because you are you and you are you for a reason. I want to help you accept that you are not meant to try to stick yourself into a mold that doesn’t fit you.
Ever since I’ve been studying Astrology and talking about it with the people around me, the question I get most is ‘is that bad?’ when we pull up a chart and someone finds out their Rising sign or their Moon sign, or whatever else we’re talking about.
It’s the thing I want to help people get rid of. I want to help people see that no energy you were born with, is bad. It’s only what you do with it, that can turn out not so great, and that includes trying to repress it. Especially if you’re trying to repress it. I can’t tell you how many Leo women I’ve already encountered that repress their need for some form of spotlight, because in our world ‘women are supposed to be modest and humble and not seek attention’.
So, the main thing that you will get from me when you come to me for an Astrology consultation, is a clear picture of who you really are and want to be from within your soul instead of what society has taught you, you should want.

The other thing that sets my soul alight about Astrology, is the shamanic astrology aspect where it connects to the deity/divine and archetypal energy that connects to or is associated with the celestial bodies. I love looking up whether people’s charts show some extra involvement from any of the Goddess Asteroids. This is something which I’ve learned from Tenae Stewart, and I resonated with it immediately as soon as I learned of the concept. To me it shows extra help and connection on your life’s path from a specific Goddess or maybe even more than one. What I also find fascinating is that quite often when diving a bit deeper in someone’s chart, they show to have the most affinity with one or two, or sometimes three planets and the (divine) energies they are associated with.
For instance while still studying, I did a very extensive chart interpretation for someone whose chart showed they are very much a Lunar person, as they had not only a lot of Cancer influence, there were also Goddess Asteroids in close conjunctions with their Moon and Sun (in Cancer), associated with Moon Goddesses, that it was just dazzlingly obvious this person needs a Lunar based spiritual and self-care practice. That is the stuff that excites me immensely.

For me, the reason I love this so much is that I have always had a pull towards Goddess spirituality and divine feminine energy spirituality. Even as a child I was always fascinated with any myths and legends and stories pertaining to deities, especially Goddesses. I’ve practiced a Goddess based spirituality on an off for decades, but what I love now is that with Astrology, I’ve found my way to connecting with the divine Masculine in me as well. I have always felt cut off from that as the divine Masculine always to me felt like it was completely claimed by the organised religions that have wrought such toxicity upon this world, toxic masculinity is unfortunately all around us (case in point, as I’m typing this a war has broken out on this continent, inflicting fear, pain and suffering upon thousands, all for the ego of one man). I’ve always been a devout feminist, but have always felt that there is a lot of energy in me that is not the traditional soft, nurturing, feminine energy, even though I love and respect that energy immensely. I do have that, lots of it actually, but I’ve always felt it countered by something very fiery, which could turn into anger if not channeled in a healthy direction.
Thanks to Astrology, I’ve found a way to connect with that in a way that doesn’t feel like embracing that weird ‘not like other girls’ vibe. It turns out that what I’ve always felt is that I’m a Jupiterian and Martian woman, but very much counter-balanced with Lunar energy. It can be a volatile balance now and again, but the outcome is strong passion that sometimes needs to be reigned in, and sometimes needs to be set free and unleashed.

Knowing this, gives one something to work with, it can help set us on the path of accepting ourselves, all of ourselves, and that clears our path for following our true soul’s desires.
So, my lovelies, now that I’m officially on this path in my life and career, I’m so looking forward to finding out what it will bring to my doorstep. If this all resonates with you, I’d be so happy and excited to read your birth chart for you and help you with any issues that you may feel Astrology and I can help you with.
Check out my Astrology Reading offerings here, and contact me for a consultation, either in person, via Zoom, or in a written out Reading.


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