The only constant in life, is change

Happy Sagittarius season, lovelies on this first day of December 2021.

Where's the time gone again? How are we already in December, rounding off this second pandemic year in just a few weeks time?? It's been a while since I wrote a blog post here, but I feel the urge to do so now, to talk a bit about where I am at right now.
As this post's title suggests, I want to tell you guys a bit about the changes I've been going through, mostly internally.
A few months ago, not long after our sweet little Diego left this life, I decided to go into a bit of a social media hybernation, which I very much needed. So much was changing in my inner life, preluding profound changes to come in my outer life, that my old way of dealing with my business and social media was really not working for me anymore, and I needed to shed it kind of like an old skin, because it didn't fit me anymore. This hybernation is still going on for a while longer, as Winter is now at our door here, and I'm feeling the need to retreat inside a while longer to recharge some more for the coming year.
As my previous posts have alluded to already, much has been changing in me this year and I'm so happy about that, I feel like I've finally found the missing puzzle pieces that I need to go forward.
To come right out and announce what I will be doing and changing this business to, in the near future: I will be going forward with a spiritual therapy practice and a spiritual creativity studio.
I am going to be studying to become an Astrologer as well, leaving things open for more spiritual developments as they arise.
Next to this I will still be creating art and I will be offering spiritually creative workshops. My polymer clay illustrations will continue to be the basis for my embroidery patterns and colouring pages, but polymer clay workshops will no longer be on the menu. And I will still be spinning art yarns, but I will also not be selling creations made with these online anymore. Instead I will be using them in devotional creativity workshops. As far as I can see ahead right now I will be offering Mindful Embroidery, Devotional Art Yarn Embroidery, Intention Wreaths and Magical Weaving with art yarns workshops, but I will write more on this in the new year.
For those of you wondering where I will be doing this and have we found a wonderful new house with a great workspace and an awesome witchy garden yet? No, we have not, unfortunately. As many of you may know, the housing market is absolutely insane right now, with bonkers prices and very few suitable houses actually coming onto the market. But, I don't want to put my dreams on hold for this anymore, and I have decided to make the best of what I do have, instead of pining for what I don't have. In the new year, I will be turning our attic space into an art studio and practice where I can work with small groups of 2 or 3 people. This is absolutely fine for me, what with this pandemic not letting up anytime soon, and most importantly, I prefer working with very small groups anyway, I actually mostly love working 1-1. I very much prefer being able to give people my full attention and letting conversations go deep, and I really can't do that with more than 2 or 3 people at once.
I'm really looking forward to this project in the new year. Well, not so much the cleaning out, of course, but the painting and decorating I'm really looking forward to. It'll be a perfect project for that end of January/beginning of February new boost of clearing out energy I always get.

So, how did I get here? Well, let me tell you, it's been a journey this year! An internal journey, that is. And there is much more to tell, like how I found several fantastic spiritual mentors like Tenae Stewart and Rachel Onojafe and how next to having fully dived into the Astrology ocean, I've also dipped my toe into Human Design. And how I've discovered a new passion in Archetypal psychology and how I'm all alight working with several new Goddesses, and how I may actually write a cookbook next year, but that's all posts for another time.
For now I'll first tell you about how I got to the decision of becoming a Spiritual Grief Therapist. Most of this really got kick-started in April, my birthday month. I read You Were Born for This by Chani Nicholas and wham! Suddenly I was drinking in all of the Astrology knowledge I could find. Weirdly, I'd never known very much more about Astrology than the names of the signs and some of the cliché surface info on them, that my Sun Sign is Aries and my Rising Sign is Virgo, and that was pretty much it, even though I have always been interested in Astrology, not much more than that had stuck yet. Like many people the way I'd learned about it throughout my life was with silly horoscopes in tv guides and newspapers and especially the limiting way it was often spoken about, like 'you're an Aries, so you're always so combative, you can't be calm and just take in the whole situation before you act'.
Suddenly, through this book by Chani Nicholas, I learned about Moon Signs, about what the Houses mean and what the Planets do. If you want a good gateway to Astrology, I so very heartily recommend this book, it's so easy to read and very easy to understand. It really gaves you the complete basis of your astrological make-up and then you can jump into the more complex stuff from there.
After that, to my delight I was finding all these modern astrologers and witches who teach and use Astrology in a way where it isn't about limiting yourself, but about knowing yourself and understanding that accepting yourself exactly the way you are, gives you the freedom to follow your soul path in the way that is right for you. It helps people honour who they actually are instead of striving to be someone they're not. As Chani Nicholas says: it's about radical self-acceptance.
Suddenly I was alight, I was understanding things about myself that finally clicked, and finally illuminated puzzle pieces of myself that I'd been wondering about for years. Aside from my strong pull towards spirituality, witchcraft and creativity, I finally understood why I have so much fascination for and affinity with grief processes (I've never directly spoken about this on here, but I think the fact that I always write blog posts here after major losses in my life, might be just a bit of a giveaway). I finally learned that my Aries Sun, which the Sun is the Sign that's about your joy, is in the 8th House. The 8th House is ruled by Scorpio and it's about transformation, death and grief processes, Shadow Work and witchcraft (among other things, of course). It may sound a little weird that one's joy can be in things like dealing with death and grief, and it's not that death brings me joy of course, but it does mean that I have an innate intuitive understanding of dealing with grief, transformation, and allowing yourself to be pulled under the surface, see what's there and not being afraid of the change that it will inevitably bring.
When my gran died, I allowed myself complete freedom to absolutely 'wallow' in the grief process, I followed my needs with intuitive ease at every step of the way, I never shied away from the pain, the anger, the despair and through those gratitude for having had this wonderful woman in my life followed. Clarity on the importance of following my heart because it would be the best way to honour her, followed.
This year I started realising how important it had been to me that the service held for my gran's cremation had been so well done. The lady who had created and led the service was so good at her job, knew exactly what stories to coax out of everyone, knew exactly what to say, how to tell the story of my gran's life, knew exactly what words of comfort to give to everyone. I find this to be such an incredible gift.
And then I started thinking about how many people haven't been able to say goodbye to loved ones properly due to Covid in the past year and a half. And especially I started thinking about how little space this late stage capitalist world that is all about production and the bottom line, allows for grief, for proper mourning. How inconvenient it finds emotions like sadness and anger, and how stunted many people become as a result.
And then my sweet little furry familiar Diego had to leave this life this Summer, and I was plunged into another grief process. And as I've written about a little in my previous post, it was driven home for me again, how important a good goodbye is, how lingering mourning is, how the strangest things can make you sad just like that, how out of nowhere you can be overcome with bittersweet melancholy and gratitude for having had this person in your life and aching to just be able to hug them one last time, so much that your throat hurts.
I want to help people to allow themselves the full grief process as they need it. I want to help people learn that they are allowed to feel all their emotions, that they shouldn't have to push away anger or sadness because it's not convenient for their work or other obligations. I want to help people figure out how it is that they need to mourn, what they need to honour their lost loved one, whether it's a goodbye ceremony in the woods, cooking that special recipe every Sunday until the ache softens, lighting a candle at a little shrine with their photo, or something else altogether. I plan to use people's birth charts to help them figure out what it is they need to grieve in a healthy way. Because we are all unique, we are all different, and even though the grief process can be seen as a universal thing, it doesn't mean we all need the same things.
So this is where I am right now, and I couldn't be more excited to start this new chapter of my life.
How have you all been, lovelies?


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