New Year's Resolutions

I can't help it! I want some snow! So I will make do with pics of snowy days gone by ;-)

Well, that was Christmas again. As usual I feel a bit of the after-Christmas blues. It's always over so quickly, isn't it? After having looked forward to it for so long. But, I have to say, this year, the blues isn't so bad at all. It's barely even there this time. Well, today anyway ;-)
I am not sure why the after Christmas blues is so mild to me this year. Maybe it's because I am looking forward to working on some of the sculpted paintings I've been walking around in my head with for weeks, but haven't had the time to get started on. Or maybe I just have a sugar coma ;-)

Maybe it's because we're having weather that couldn't be called wintery in the furthest reaches of the imagination. It feels like Spring has jumped the line and just pushed poor old Winter back to the queue because it wants its spotlight sooner. It's still too early to tell though if Winter is going to be pushed back for the whole year, but nature sure seems to think so. My magnolia trees in the front yard have buds all over them! Snow drops are coming out to play already!

I'm finding myself thinking about whether I should make New Year's resolutions. I think I'm one of the many many people who, toward year's end, starts thinking about plans for the new year, but come March finds that the plans aren't actually plans, more vague guidelines, and come June, doesn't remember any of the plans. New Year's resolutions still are fun to make, though. It makes me feel a potential for feeling productive and proactive.

One of my New Year's resolutions at the moment is to blog more. No idea whether I'll keep up this resolution, but it's worth a shot. I have no idea whether you guys would even want me to, but I'm thinking it could be a good habit to get into. To write down more of what I'm working on, thinking about, dreaming about and getting inspired by.
Another thing that might be good for me with this resolution is that it'll hopefully teach me to make smaller blog posts. To not ramble on for so long, but just make short posts about what's up with me, so that all of you guys that like to keep up with Deidre Dreams can come here and see what's going on. Since Facebook is being such a meanie to small independent artists on their pages the past years and hiding us from everyone, it might be good to use this space more to keep you guys updated about what's going on, being made and coming up.

And on that note, let me show you guys quickly what some of my most recent new creations are for anyone who missed them:

This is little hootie is called
Athena's Familiar.
The owl stands for wisdom
and is often the companion of the Goddess of Wisdom, Athena.
It is available in print, tote bag and throw pillowcase form (also in the original sculpted painting form soon). Click on the words, to go to the listings.

This lovely sweetie is called
Dancing in the Rain.
Sometimes you have to seize the moment,
laugh as hard as you can,
stamp in puddles
and dance in the rain.
It is available as an original sculpted painting, a print, a tote bag and a throw pillowcase.

There are 2 more new sculpted painting designs that are also available as prints, tote bags and throw pillowcases, and can be found in my Store.

I arm knitted 5 gorgeous shawls with amazing art yarns for my Deidre Dreams Fiber shop. They all have beautiful hand sculpted polymer clay flower pendants on them to close them and you can wear them any way you want to.
This one is the "Mermaid" one:


And this one is the "Winter Fairy" one:


And last, but not least: I opened up a new shop last month to give new life to my rather extensive collection of filigrees, where I hand paint them with patina paints and I LOVE making them! I already have almost 70 pairs of earrings in there, so loads to choose from! The shop is called Patina Rainbow and can be found here.
These are just 2 of the many pretties in there.

These can be found here


And these can be found here


What do you think of all the new goodies? And are you a New Year's resolutions type of person?




Hello deidre, yes, I would

Hello deidre,
yes, I would also like to blog more next year, but not putting it as a new year resolution, too stressfull...
Love your winter fairy scarf.

Thanks, Katerina! <3 I'm

Thanks, Katerina! <3
I'm usually not too stressed about New Year's resolutions, since I don't beat myself up over not following them ;-) I'm very adaptable with my own plans usually ;-)

Yeah, what you said is so

Yeah, what you said is so true. We always look forward and prepare grand for a special day. The wait for that day is always so long, but when it happens it just ends too soon, like in the blink of eye.
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