My new lovely little attic studio

My new little attic studio is finished! Yay! And it's such a lovely space to work in. I thought I'd show you a quick run through of the project from beginning to end.
This project was conceived in a fit of enormous frustration, to tell you the truth. If you've read this blog over the past two years, you'll know that we've been on a search for a new house for almost two years now. A house with a good work room for me, some more space than we have now in general, and a lovely garden. After almost two years, this search has become quite frustrating. I don't know how it is where you guys live, but here in the Netherlands the housing market has completely lost it effing mind. Prices are at a historical, hysterical high, for houses that are just laughably inadequate for the amount of money that is shelled out for them. Never mind that we also had historical floods in the south of this county (Limburg) here, house prices are still rising.
In the Autumn we put in a bid on a lovely house not too far from here, that had a perfect work space for me, an amazing garden, and situated in a beautiful countryside, but of course we were overbid. It was of course not the first time where we'd learned what excorbitant price a house had brought in, but for some reason in October I was just done with the whole crazy situation. In a fit of anger where I was complaining to my dude about all the blegh, a sentence fell out of my mouth that I don't think I was consciously thinking about until I'd said the words: "should I just turn the attic into an art studio and be done with this bulllshit?!"
As soon as I said the words, I knew it was the right thing to do. At first my dude looked at me like I was crazy, but soon we realised it was the answer to my work issues I'd been struggling with since this pandemic has started. I just need my own work space, I can't concentrate properly with my work scattered all over the house, very much the downside of having an ADHD brain. There's too many distractions everywhere.
I know not every attic is suited to be turned into any workroom whatsoever, but ours is. Before we moved into this house 15 years ago, the attic was once already a children's room. It still had the cheerful yellow and blue paint to remind us of that. It has two windows set into the diagonal of the roof, so it lets in quite a bit of daylight, and there's a good portion where an adult can stand upright. It's not a large space by any means, of course, but it's absolutely adequate for my current needs. I'd just love to work with people for stitchy workshops again, and I do much better with just 1 or 2 guests at a time anyway, and this attic studio can accomodate that easily.

So once the Winter holidays were over, I started on my New Year's project. First came the clearing out of the mess that any attic usually is:

I was so radical with cleaning up this mess, Marie Kondo would've been proud of me! I only kept whatever we still use and things that hold fond memories of my gran, my dad and our childhood. When I first started, it was a bit intimidating, I had no idea where to actually start, so I just started wherever I could stand or sit. The first few days were, as you'd expect, filled with kicked up dust, laughter and tears over memorabilia, nostalgia, and a lot of stubbing my toes and carrying boxes of stuff to the trash and the central spot in the village where you leave stuff that's still usable. My dude walked back and forth with so many boxes, we've lost count.

But after about a week, I was able to get to this already:

I had to stuff everything that I didn't want to toss, and everything that we actually do still need, into the nooks and crannies of the roof. That was one epic game of Tetris! I had to constantly keep in mind what should still be reachable regularly and what could be stuffed all the way in the back, and also what could actually fit in the back and what only fit into the front of the cavities.
Then I had to create one giant island of stuff that would be needed in my little art studio and cover it with a plastic sheet, because then the painting started.

I painted everything white. Because as much as I love colour, I prefer white for the walls of my work room, it makes me feel calm and peaceful. For the painting I had help from my dude and my lovely friend Melanie.
What I did not expect was that the white paint over all the wooden beams wound up giving the attic such a lovely cottage-y feel. I love it!

Then it was time for the cute curtains my mum made me to be hung on the lower beams to hide away all the stuff crammed into the roof crevices. This added another layer of unexpected delight. At the open-air fabric market that's held in Maastricht every Friday, I had chosen a fabric that was very affordable, lightweight but not see-through, with a kind of slightly green-tinged pearly sheen. The curtains that my mum made from this now give the whole room this added feel of being in a mermaid grotto if a mermaid had decided to build a cottage at the bottom of the sea out of driftwood.

And then the last but not least step: our friend Jos looped the electricity and light that was only accessible at first in one half of the attic, the part over the stairs, through to the part where I'm actually working. My dude ordered these really great large led lights online that give off really strong white, but calming, light. It's perfect light for a studio, as it makes colours look as real as in daylight, but it's not that harsh light that gives you such a headache-y restless feeling. Jos did this whole job in one morning and then I was ready to go for decorating my new work space.
The table my mum gave me is really nice and sturdy, large enough for 3 people to work at, but small enough that I can still walk all around it. I used all my cute Lush hatboxes from my Lushie days and adorable Christmas boxes that my mum-in-law always manages to find, to store yarns, beads, buttons, ribbons, anything really. I have a thing for cute boxes and tins, can't resist them, can't throw them out, so this is the perfect opportunity to put them all to good use. I love having all my beautiful art yarns and wool in baskets so that I can look at them and instantly feel inspired to use them. And I'm so happy to have all my greeting cards on display again, they always cheer me up when I look at them. The green chair is a vintage one given to me by my darling gran in a set which she re-upholstered for me 15 years ago. It's perfect for spinning or meditating covered by my gran's quilt.


And now this cute little studio is where I work and I love it! It's a really calm, peaceful spot that does wonders for my concentration. So this is where you can come visit me now for a stitchy workshop or an astrology reading.
So, that's where I am at this end stretch of Winter, looking forward to Spring and the rest of the year! Here's to planting seeds, whether from contentment or frustration, and doing the work to make them grow into fruitful delights.


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