My First Art Fair

My First Art Fair

In the weekend of 18 and 19 July I attended my first ever art fair at the Internationale Kunstmarkt in Vaals. I was so excited!

Since I had never done an art fair before or had a stall anywhere else, I had a lot of preparations to do, so that I could actually, you know, build up my stall. Thankfully the actual stall was already provided for this market, phew. But boy, the possibilities for decorating a cool stall are just endless! I Pinterested up a storm and got a little overwhelmed at all the tips, tricks and cool photos.
Did I mention, by the way, that Pinterest is my vortex of guilty pleasure? If I'm not careful, I can lose hours on there!
But, eventually I settled down on some tips and decided to just try them out.

On the first day we could start setting up our stall pretty early, which was very nice. I definitely underestimated how much work it is, though, whew! I was there over 2 hours before the market began, but I wasn't done setting up when it started. Oops!

I think I made the rooky mistake of wanting to display ALL THE THINGS on my first day.

I made sure I and my youngest sibling, who accompanied me (along with our mum) and had their drawings on display as well, had some room at the table to work. But other than that, almost every centimeter was covered in our goodies.
Also, I had pretty much a bit of everything everywhere:


I think my stall was a little overwhelming on the first day, to be honest ;-)

One thing people did seem to love, was seeing us work, I know I sure was glad I brought work with me, because it was a long day sitting and standing. I have sooo much respect for people who do this monthly or even weekly!

I brought my new Dreams butterfly painting with me to work on. Most people mostly seemed to think that being able to do what I do, requires the patience of an angel. Ha no! I sure am not an angel, and anyone who knows me well, knows I'm very much not a patient person.
I think the 'patience' required for making any kind of art or creative work is different from patience in life. How do you guys see that?

I enjoyed talking about my work and about the stories behind it, which several people seemed to really like hearing about. Sales were slow though. From what I heard, most stall holders had the same experience that day. Apparently it had to do with the heat. Because, my word, it was really warm!

But, at the end of the first day, I decided my stall was too full and chaotic. And, not being a patient person (hehe), I changed it for the second day right away. My thinking was that I was lucky that I got to try it out right the next day to see if streamlining my display some, would work better. I decided to take off most of the jewelry and accessories, because they were getting lost. And I made sure my prints and painting had more room to breathe and show themselves to people. I also put all my felt pictures together and all my clay paintings too.

This is what I did with my displays on the second day:

My second day display sure did seem to go over much better. Heaps more people took business cards on Sunday, even more people stopped to look and chat and ask about my work. Sales weren't much hotter on the second day, but I did feel that the second day went much better.

The art fair definitely taught me some things about my work. One thing is that my work is very untraditional and people are definitely not used to seeing clay applique and clay embroidery work as illustrations. Which is both cool, and makes it a pain in the behind to find the right target audience. Especially with Facebook being such a poo head the last year, it has gotten harder than ever to get my work to be seen by people in general, let alone by people who will fall in love with it.
Another thing I learned is that my creative drive is apparently unusually diverse. I make 'traditional' jewelry like earrings and pendants. I make wearable art jewelry which are what all my mermaid, witch, fairy pendants, etc are. I make art yarn and crochet jewelry and accessories which I adorn with clay embroidery jewels, which is also very unusual and not what people are used to seeing. I make sculpted paintings, which really is an evolution of my wearable art jewelry pieces. And then I also offer printed goods of my art.
I never realised how diverse the things are that I make, until I saw it all displayed in one stall (and then I didn't even have my throw pillowcases and mugs with me) and seeing people trying to make sense of it all.

This is what made me decide that at least my fiber work needs a different online venue all to its own (because, I am not giving up on making any of it, dammit! I love making all my work!). Which is what prompted me to open up my Deidre Dreams Fiber shop on Etsy and made me give a separate gallery to my Fiber Collection here on my website.

My Deidre Dreams Fiber shop on Etsy can be found here. Until the end of August (just before I am off to Scotland for a wee trip again on the 31st), there is a welcome sale Coupon Code going on over there for 25% off: WELCOME25

For purchasing my pieces of my Fiber Collection here, just send me a message, so that I can set up a listing for you.

So, that was my first Art Fair adventure. Have you guys got any art fair experiences you'd like to share? Let me know!

Pictures were taken for me by my sweet dude.


Craft Fair

Well done. It looks like you did great. It can be soul destroying when after all the hard work of creating and setting up a stall, the sales don't happen. I know in Ireland, people just don't appreciate the work that goes in and thinks the price to be outrageous. I remember doing a Christmas craft fair about 5 years ago and people baulked at paying €5 for a beautiful hand knitted Christmas ornament that took 4 hours to make. And I felt it was waaaayyy too cheap at that. Keep at it and you'll find your niche. Maybe someday you'll have your own fancy little boutique in some fashionable shopping area. You are so talented!!

Aww, thanks, Natacha! I

Aww, thanks, Natacha! I definitely know how you feel. I'm experiencing that at the moment, as well. It's definitely discouraging when people react to your work like that.
And that fancy little boutique is definitely a dream for the future! :-)

Keep at it! We love it all!

I personally love your work! The clay jewelry and fiber works are amazing and the portraits are so creative and breath-taking. Craft fairs can be tricky with audiences because some people are looking for cheaper little trinkets while others look for very specific things. Having both helps. Like your art cards in addition to your higher end stuff will help to snag both spectrums.

Thanks, Jessie! That is very

Thanks, Jessie! That is very sweet of you to say. And I definitely think that is a good point, I certainly noticed that at the art fair.

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Hey,The art fair definitely

Hey,The art fair definitely taught me some things about my work. One thing is that my work is very untraditional and people are definitely not used to seeing clay applique and clay embroidery work as illustrations. FREE WEED GUMMIES

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