Introducing: Deidre Dreams colouring pages!

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Well, here they are, my colouring pages, tadaa! Or some of them at least, I still have loads to do.
I now have a little collection up of super cute downloadable colouring pages based on my polymer clay illustrations.
When you purchase one (or several) you get the download version after check out and then you can print them off as many times as you want at home.
Most of them are great for kids and adults alike. Some might be a teeny bit simple for adults, and some might be a teeny bit too finicky for little ones, but I bet you can judge that best for yourselves.
You can find them here:

Some of them are going to be especially fun for kids, like for instance the unicorn colouring page:

It's a perfect one to go to town with bright colours and glittery gel pens.

Others, like the Brigid colouring page will be wonderful for adults who want to use colour and creativity to help their meditations and to set their intententions. Light some incense or a lovely scented candle, brew a cup of your favourite tea, take a deep breath and while colouring in this image of the Goddess of Fire and Spring, concentrate on manifesting your intentions for the period to come.

Then there's also the more doodle-y zentangle-like colouring pages, like the Create colouring page, which is full of little details and small surfaces to colour in to help your mind ease away from all the daily worries.

In hindsight I don't know why exactly, but it took me a while to figure out to actually develop this goodie. I'd gotten questions over the years about offering my illustrations as colouring pages, but it never seemed to click with me to do this or even how to do this.
Especially after I published my children's picture book Bakkerina Bloem, I got this question many times. Because obviously it would be a fun activity for kids after reading the story and looking at the pictures.
But I only figured out a few months ago how I was going to go about this. Ironically, of course I don't have any Bakkerina Bloem colouring pages available yet, but I will get to work on them very soon.
What got me to this point, was the development of my embroidery patterns.
Figuring out the process of getting the line work of the illustrations isolated to turn it into a pattern took a few weeks. And only after having toyed with this for quite a few months, did I realise that the process for making colouring pages out of my illustrations would be very similar.

I'm super excited I finally got here, because I'm really pleased with them, they look much better than I'd expected, this again with lots of thanks to my lovely dude. I hope you guys will like them, too.
I'm also hoping this will help you get through this horrid lockdown phase in the Winter a little bit easier. Weather can be so dreary and cold this time of year on this hemisphere and it gets dark so early still, that cosying up together at the kitchen table with a cup of hot chocolate is just really one of the best ways to make the day fun.
I priced them as low as I could, so I hope they will be affordable for as many people as possible.
And I hope you and your little ones will have lots of fun with them!


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