Imbolc and Goddess Brigid

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It's Imbolc here in the Northern Hemisphere, the time of year where we can see the signs of Winter ending and the earth waking up again. Underneath the ground a lot of life is preparing to burst forth. And so most of us feel inside as well. Light is slowly but noticeably coming back again. We're starting to wake up from the Winter lurgy, the feeling of heaviness in our bodies, starting to feel little tingles again of wanting action and to DO things. The first snow drops are starting to bloom here and there's even some bold daffodils about already. The sounds of the birds twittering outside are changing.

In this time of year I always notice that while I like the cosiness of Winter, I'm starting to get restless. Before my gran passed away I used to always cling to the holiday decorations quite a while into January. For two Winters I didn't do this, due to the feeling of loss of the festiveness she always brought to Christmas for me. But this year, this weird Corona Winter, with hard lockdowns, evening curfue at 9 o'clock and not being allowed to visit with anyone (we're allowed one visitor a day, a very effective way to cut down drastically on people visiting each other), my parents-in-law getting Corona around the holidays and some other family worries I've had a really hard time again letting go of the holiday decorations, because I kept feeling such a craving for extra cosiness in and around the house in this weird period.
But around this weekend right before Imbolc I'd finally started to feel the tingle of Spring on its way. Spring may be slow going before it's here, but I can feel it coming nonetheless.
I feel the familiar Imbolc feeling of rounding out my reflecting on the year past, feeling my intentions firm up in my mind and wanting to get into gear to get shit done.
In my reflecting moments I am worrying a lot about money at the moment, as I do often and I'm sure as many people do often. I confess to having hoped I'd sold some downloadable colouring pages, prints and embroidery patterns by the end of this past month, but alas. I'm not sure if people aren't finding my work or if they simply don't want it.
In the growing moments of wanting action that bubble up, I am focussing on the immediate future a lot. On all the designs I'm in the first stage of working on developing embroidery patterns from, on looking forward immensely to stitching them. And on the hope for a new home soon, the hope for a lovely space to have an art studio at home again, and I'm dreaming of the garden I will build there. But I don't know if these things are in the immediate future, of course.

Imbolc is also the feast of Brigid, the Goddess of Fire and Spring, but also of Inspiration and Creativity and of the Hearth and Home. While there are several goddesses I feel drawn to and pray to, Brigid is my most favoured goddess and I pray to her daily. I love how she combines fire and energy with the cosiness and protection of the home, how she straddles the boundary between Winter and Spring, between quiet cosy reflection time and the almost chaotic energy of 'wake up and create, NOW!'
In her Catholic Saint persona she is also the patron saint of the village my father hails from and where I spent many days during my childhood. So I also honour her with a feast on her Catholic Saint's day tomorrow.
Today I coloured a print of my Brigid colouring page, while reflecting on how much I've worked on my new plans so far, on my hopes for a new path in my creative business. And I focussed on setting my intentions firmly for the year ahead, for the things I know I can control now and also for the things I cannot control yet.

At the moment I have several iterations of my Brigid illustration in my shop:

The original polymer clay sculpted painting

The digital download print

The paper greeting card (the for now can only be sent within The Netherlands

And the digital download colouring page

In the next few months I will also be working on an embroidery pattern for my Brigid illustration, which will be a perfect way for any cottage witch to stitch her intentions into each prick of the needle and give her many many hours of stitching fun.

For now, I wish all of you who celebrate, a Blessed Imbolc and a lovely Spring to come.



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