Deerie me, new stitchies in the works

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Over the past weeks, almost two months, really, I've been working on tracing a lot of linework for my illustrations to turn them into colouring pages and embroidery patterns.
Loads of new colouring pages can be found here.
These are a few of them:


I've done a whole load which was great while the weather was still wintery and dark and I didn't mind being stuck at my desk all day every week day. But now, the light is coming back and Spring is on its way and I've just finished a super fun commission, which I'll show you guys soon.
So now I feel it's time to start stitching the embroidery patterns to see if they work. The one I'm working on at the moment is the Crowned Deer embroidery pattern.
This is the full colour illustration based on the polymer clay original:

And while it's really lovely to stitch, I am working on the wrong fabric for this pattern, whew! I transfered this pattern on a lovely natural colour linen fabric I have for embroidering, thinking it would go great with the colours I had in mind for this pattern, sticking close the colours of the original illustration. And while this did turn out to be true (it looks wonderful on this linen), it was a pain in the behind to transfer on! This linen has a slightly uneven weave and is fairly slippery. It was suuuuper hard to see through the fabric to the pattern underneath even on my trusty lightpad. This pattern has a lot of small detail which was practically impossible to see through the fabric and then I struggled to get my heat removable pen to actually transfer its ink onto the slippery fabric.
All in all, while the pattern is looking lovely being stitched onto this fabric, I would in the future prefer to use this fabric for patterns with way less small detail, so, lesson learned, eh?


It contains all my favourite stitches and same as all my patterns, I'm stitching it in two threads as I like the delicate look this gives to the image.
At the moment, this is where I'm at with the test stitching:

I'm not sure yet whether I like the purple woven rose above the purple daisy flower at the bottom right, so I'm mulling that over now. I think I'll  probably be ripping that out after the weekend.
I will let you guys know as soon as I'm done stitching the pattern up and I've written out the instructions, so you can have a go yourself!
Have a lovely weekend, everyone!



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