1st Blog Post: Rambles about flying time

In Frozen Seas Mermaid Tote Bag1st Blog Post: Rambles about flying time

So, blogging. It's basically filling a space with rambles, huh? I'm all for that! I thought I should try it :-D

Boy, it is the last month of the year already! Crazy, huh? I know I say this every year, but I swear each year goes faster for me. I guess it's true that time feels to go faster the older you get.
On the one hand I like that, it always makes things I look forward to come faster, like holidaying in Scotland, my birthday, Christmas, the first warm Spring Day, the new air date for Sleepy Hollow.
But on the other hand, I don't like it, because sometimes time seems to go so fast, a season flies by me and I don't feel like I've taken it in.

This year, for instance, has brought quite some changes for me but at the same time, I feel like I'm in the same place I was 2 years go. Weird, huh? Anyone else have that?
This year brought my first idea to start doing more with my clay art than simply selling it as is. It brought me the idea of photographing my story art pieces on vintage paper backgrounds and making them into greeting cards, which then after another 6 months made me try and see what those design would look like on tote bags. (The In Frozen Seas Mermaid Tote Bag in the photo can be found here, by the way) Boy, did that open a world of possibility for me!

Aether, Messenger Between the Realms Sculpted Painting It made me realise that my art has been clamoring in my head for a     while to be expanded, which led me to making sculpted paintings,        which I love so much. (The Aether, Messenger Between the Realms Sculpted Painting can be found here )This in turn gave me the idea to also offer my art in art print form.
But somehow those things have felt like they grew so organically that they don't feel like change so much as the next logical step. You know, as far as art can ever be logical ;-)

Another thing this year brought was quite some scares, health wise. Not for myself, but for mine and my dude's mums. Heart attacks, heart surgeries, endless hospital dates (maybe if I call them dates they might seem more fun ;-) ), running around taking care of lots of kitties and worrying whether everyone would be okay was pretty much the make up of our Summer, whoohooo!
By now, we're not competely out of the woods, but we're at least in calmer waters.
It's those things that make a week seem agonisingly long, but make a seasonfly by without me noticing that we're 3 months later than when I last was paying attention to the calendar.

So, we've arrived at December now, the Yule tree is up, I have my shopping list for my Christmas Eve dinner almost done and I'm impatiently waiting for snow again. I'm buzzing with ideas for new sculpted paintings and can't wait to get started on them, but at the same time the darkness and cold weather is making me feel like I'm really a bear and I should be hybernating (and by hybernating I mean snuggle under blankets on the sofa, cuddling with my kitties, drinking tea and binge watching Arrow).

So, I guess what this whole ramble is actually trying to say, is, even though time flies by so fast, we don't really feel it until we start looking back. At least that's how I see it.
How does that work for you?



I ramble myself so tend to enjoy when others do it too LOL

Haha! Phew! ;-)

Haha! Phew! ;-)

loved hearing your rambles of

loved hearing your rambles of time flying. Totally agree that I now often wonder where the time has flown xxx

Thank you! :-) Do you also

Thank you! :-) Do you also feel like years fly by faster and faster the older you get?

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